Monday, March 31, 2014

Welcome Aboard for a River Venture Review

While our cruises are usually ocean-going voyages, we’ve stepped out of our comfort zone once again to experience a second river cruises with Vantage Deluxe World Travel. This time we were aboard River Venture for its 4-night Inaugural River Seine Sailing. After arriving in Paris and settling in, we easily fell in step to the casual comfort that cruising on European rivers provides.

Once underway, it was apparent why river cruising throughout the world is one of the travel industry’s fasted growing segments. Unlike a bus tour from city to city, River Venture was our home for the journey and we unpacked once while our vessel delivered us to intriguing destinations. Shore excursions, included in the fare, were scheduled around meal times and we were free to dine on board or try the local cuisine ashore. For the more adventurous, bicycles were provided for independent touring—and a bit of a workout ashore.

Is a river cruise the best choice for you? We weren’t certain after our first trip last year, but this second one convinced us—it’s the only way to see the parts of the world where the big cruise ships can’t venture. Take a look at Cruise Diva’s first hand preview of River Venture and discover what river cruising in Europe has to offer.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Dynamic Dining Options Appear on Quantum-Class Ships

American Icon Grille
Royal Caribbean has revealed its next vision of dining at sea which will debut onboard the Quantum-class ships upon their launch. "Dynamic Dining" is a completely new culinary experience onboard Royal Caribbean that gives guests on Quantum of the Seas and Anthem of the Seas a landscape of 18 restaurant concepts as varied as dining in the world's most cosmopolitan cities. With a new take on the main dining room—there won't be one—guests can choose from five complimentary, full service restaurants, offering more choice and flexibility than ever before. Guests also will be in full control of their own epicurean journey via a smart, new reservations system that empowers them to decide when, where, with whom to dine and how to dress each evening.

A New Main Event Each Night
Dynamic Dining reinvents the traditional, common main dining room as five complimentary, full-service restaurants, each with its own distinctive cuisine and immersive ambience that will give guests a more intimate and varied dining experience every night of their cruise. New restaurants exclusive to Royal Caribbean include:
-- American Icon Grill, a take on the classic American road trip, pulling together best-loved regional favorites into one comfort-style menu,
-- Chic, where the height of contemporary cuisine is realized and the freshest ingredients, such as proteins that pack a punch and sauces made from scratch, are evolved for a modern palate,
-- Silk, a vibrant and exotic destination where the spices of the Far East bring new flavor to adventurous palates through a Pan-Asian menu,
-- The Grande, a luxuriant nod to a bygone era of classic ocean liners when dining was a time honored ritual, featuring timeless dishes, and where every night is formal night,
-- Coastal Kitchen, a concept created exclusively for suite guests, fusing Mediterranean influences with the unmatched riches of California's bountiful farmlands.
Next-Level Specialty Dining
Royal Caribbean's specialty restaurants have always been known for their quality, presentation and service. Now, Quantum-class ships will surprise savvy foodies with a new, multi-sensory venue, as well as concepts from award-winning chefs, including the first-at-sea outposts of Jamie's Italian, the hugely popular restaurant from Britain's most famous chef and campaigner, Jamie Oliver. Next-level signature dining options on Quantum of the Seas and Anthem of the Seas include:
-- Wonderland, an elaborate feast for the senses in a setting where chefs twist their culinary kaleidoscopes to invent a dreamscape of never-before-seen fare,
-- Jamie's Italian, featuring rustic Italian favorites, handmade using seasonal ingredients and Jamie's tried-and-tested crowd pleasers,
-- Michael's Genuine Pub, the first American gastropub at sea and the next evolution of Royal Caribbean's relationship with James Beard Award-winning chef Michael Schwartz, offering simply-prepared food and drinks made with quality ingredients from the best artisanal producers,
-- Devinly Decadence at Solarium Bistro, Royal Caribbean's fittest dining destination, serving the foods you love all under five-hundred calories, designed by Devin Alexander, chef of the highly-rated television show, "The Biggest Loser."
Additionally, versions of Royal Caribbean favorites, such as Chops Grille steakhouse, Izumi Japanese Cuisine, and Chef's Table, will all return on the Quantum class with a revamped look and even more WOWs than before.

Laid Back Options Round the Clock
As a testament to Royal Caribbean's commitment to both quality and value, Quantum class promises an even broader choice of complimentary, come-as-you-are eateries, which include:
-- Windjammer Marketplace, a Royal Caribbean dining mainstay gets a new twist on Quantum class as a global culinary pavilion that invites guests to explore the world, dish by dish through enticing food islands, interactive stations, made-to-order specialties, an on-site bakery and a 24-hour station called The Grill,
-- The Cafe @ Two70, a new gourmet marketplace serving savory hot-pressed sandwiches, salads made to order, handmade soups, and more,
-- SeaPlex Dog House, the first food truck at sea offering gourmet hot dogs for all to enjoy in SeaPlex, the largest indoor active space at sea.
-- These venues join returning casual-feel favorites including Sorrento's, Cafe Promenade, and Johnny Rockets (cover charge applies).
Smart Reservation System
Building on a legacy of more than 40 years of innovation and creative design, Royal Caribbean has implemented a number of cutting-edge technological advancements to complement this quantum leap in its culinary offerings. This includes a new reservation system that makes it even easier for guests to make their own choices on when and where they wish to dine. Recognizing guests' desire to have everything at their fingertips, Royal Caribbean also has developed an all-new planning tool that provides guests full control and flexibility to shape their entire culinary journey prior to departure. The new planning and reservations tool will be available beginning May 15, 2014. For a complete guide to the culinary offerings, visit

Take a look at how it works...

Image & Video Courtesy Royal Caribbean International

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Disney Sets Sail on a “Frozen” Itinarary

In summer 2015, Disney Cruise Line is charting an all-new course for northern Europe, exploring for the first time the Norwegian fjords,which served as the inspiration and backdrop for Disney’s blockbuster animated film “Frozen,” as well as Iceland and the Faroe Islands. Plus, Disney Cruise Line is returning to the Baltic for all-new itineraries, including sailings from Copenhagen, Denmark to St. Petersburg, Russia. Cruises to the Mediterranean, Alaska, Caribbean, and Bahamas also are included in the summer lineup outlined below.

Take a peek at what Disney Cruise Line has in store for 2015:

Norwegian Fjords
On 7- and 9-night sailings departing from Copenhagen, Disney Cruise Line guests are immersed in the splendor and charm of Norway with exciting new ports, steeped in Viking history. An 11-night sailing on Disney Magic takes guests to Iceland and the Faroe Islands for the very first time.

Throughout the Norwegian fjords guests will discover breathtaking natural wonders such as magnificent mountain ranges, massive glaciers, steaming geysers and majestic fjords. The enchanting Scandinavian culture of the region comes to life through local attractions, stunning architecture, storybook villages and historic city centers.

Northern Europe
On northern European cruises, Disney Magic will sail the Baltic waters where guests will explore richly diverse cultures and national capitals including Helsinki, Finland; Stockholm, Sweden; Copenhagen, Denmark and St. Petersburg, Russia’s second largest city known as the country’s cultural capital. These itineraries depart from Copenhagen, Denmark and Dover, England, just a quick jaunt from London.

Disney Magic returns to the Mediterranean, treating guests to popular European destinations. Departing from Barcelona, Spain, these sailings take guests on an exciting journey of cultures and locales, with romantic boulevards, iconic locations, mild climates and the brilliant blue Mediterranean Sea.

In 2015, Disney Wonder will sail 7-night cruises from Vancouver to Tracy Arm, Skagway, Juneau and Ketchikan, Alaska. These cruises combine the grandeur, natural wonder, and adventurous spirit of Alaska with the unparalleled, family-friendly experience found on a Disney ship. Disney Cruise Line works closely with Alaskan tour operators to create exclusive-to-Disney family-friendly Port Adventures that allow guests to experience Alaska’s natural beauty and rich history.

Caribbean & Bahamas
In 2015, Disney Cruise Line will sail from Port Canaveral and Miami to the Caribbean and Bahamas on a variety of itineraries. These cruises include a stop at Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay.

More details on 2015 itineraries can be found on the Itineraries and Ports for 2015 section of Bookings open today, March 27, 2014.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Electronics For Cruises

When Mel and I prepare for a trip our electronic devices seem to outweigh our wardrobes, or so it seems. For our last cruise—on the River Seine aboard Vantage Deluxe Travel’s River Venture—we tried to cut the number and size of them because we were flying to Paris, but it didn’t totally work out well for me.

For trips, we have our priorities. Even on a vacation it’s a given that we never leave home without our smartphones. They are a necessity for small business owners like us, but when on ocean-going cruise ships we turn off data roaming to save on costs. For time in international ports, we purchase a data plan.

Likewise, we rely on our laptop computers to stay on top of business. For our river cruise this month we used Mel’s laptop to keep us connected by utilizing the free WiFi on River Venture. With a Gmail account, I was able to stay up to date with my correspondence without my own laptop, so that choice to take just one worked seamlessly.

Of course we have camera equipment. A lot of camera equipment. Mel’s alone fills an entire duffel bag. Mine’s a bit smaller, but I’ve recently graduated to a DSLR with multiple lenses and accessories. For our River Venture sailing, Mel brought one camera with two lenses and I scaled back to a small point-and-shoot. Big mistake—and one that I won’t make in the future. My shots just didn’t measure up to the results I could have achieved with the better, albeit heavier, camera.

Some of the other electronics we carry are nice to have and useful, but not mandatory. Take for instance my iPod Touch and Kindle, both of which I always have on hand for road trips to embarkation ports. I also rely on them for entertainment and to pass the time on long flights. I could get by without one or the other, but I’d be cranky and bored. Just imagine your children asking, “Are we there yet?” every hour and you get my drift. I used both the iPod and Kindle on our flights to and from Paris and during free time on River Venture while in France.

I recently got an iPad Mini and it’s sure to get packed for our next cruise. By then, hopefully, I’ll be up to speed on how to use it to its fullest potential. In the meantime, it falls into the fun-but-not-functional, or toy category. Good for listening to music and taking the occasional ‘selfie.’ Also good for taking notes and retrieving email when I come across a free WiFi signal, but a bit redundant when considering the other devices that do the same. However, we noted many fellow travelers on our river cruise were using their tablets to take pictures and some were surprisingly good.

In additional to all those devices, there are the chargers necessary to keep them functioning. The last thing on our to-do list before leaving home—right after making sure we have our passports and travel documents—is to double check that we have the power cord for our laptops. We have the same computer brand so only need one of those, but why is it that each of our other devices requires a unique charger?

Heed my advice and examine your needs carefully before your next trip. Pack only what you will use, but take care not to make the mistake I did with my camera selection.

Image ©

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Crystal Cruises Invites Even More Solo Cruisers to Dance

Ladies cruising solo aboard their ships have long been invited to take a spin on the dance floor by Crystal Cruises’ Ambassador Hosts and now the luxury line is preparing to fill the dance cards of their solo male guests as well. With the introduction of Ambassador Hostesses on select cruises, Crystal is expanding its hugely popular onboard dancing program.

Female counterparts to the line’s Ambassador Hosts—professional dance partners for ladies without one—will debut on three Ballroom at Sea Experiences of Discovery voyages in 2014 and 2015. Along with eight male dance hosts (double the usual number), the Trans-Atlantic sailings will each feature two Ambassador Hostesses to cha cha, swing, and waltz with solo gentlemen during evening dance sets, live orchestra performances, and dance classes in the ships’ posh lounges. The three voyages set to get guests’ tapping this year and next include:
October 5, 2014, Lisbon/Miami, Crystal Symphony (10 days)
June 12, 2015, New York/London, Crystal Symphony (16 days)
December 11, 2015, Lisbon/Miami, Crystal Serenity (11 days)
“Thanks to the suggestion of one of our popular dance instructors, we tested Ambassador Hostesses on a recent cruise and the response was fantastic,” says Bret Bullock, vice president of entertainment. “Similar to tennis players who play better when they play with a pro, dance enthusiasts are inspired by partnering with experts who really know the steps and the more advanced nuances.”

Crystal Cruises has been featuring Ambassador Hosts on its cruises since the company’s inception, as there are traditionally more women than men seeking dance partners. While every Crystal cruise boasts at least four Hosts, on select voyages with many more dance sessions, the line adds more when possible. Hosts also serve as dance partners to guests traveling with spouses or companions who don’t dance. Additionally, they socialize with all guests, join singles dining tables, and accompany group excursions ashore.

Crystal is known for its welcoming atmosphere for solo travelers, with some of the industry’s lowest single supplement fares, assigned seating in the Crystal Dining Room, a singles get-together, and a “Table for Eight” program that joins single cruisers together for dinner in specialty restaurants like Nobu Matsuhisa’s Silk Road and the Sushi Bar.

“A Crystal cruise is so inherently comfortable and luxurious for a single traveler,” adds Bullock. “But no matter how independent one is, one cannot ballroom dance without a partner.”

Image Courtesy of Crystal Cruises

Monday, March 24, 2014

MSC Cruises Makes Plans For New Ship Class

MSC Cruises has plans for an all-new ship class and has signed a letter of intent with shipbuilder STX France for the construction of the first two with an option for two more. MSC’s current fleet of twelve vessels consists of three classes of four each, so that option is a near certainty according to what Richard Sasso, MSC USA’s President, told Cruise Diva while aboard MSC Divina last month.

The first two ships, which will be 1033 feet long and 141 feet wide, with a gross tonnage of about 167,600 tons, boasting 2,250 cabins for guests, nearly 820 crew cabins, and accommodating 5,700 passengers and 1,536 crew members are due for delivery in 2017 and 2019. The new ships will reaffirm MSC Cruises’ dedication to outstanding dining options and out-of-this-world entertainment with new panoramic spaces, a bigger theatre, and a spectacular amusement park connected to an outdoor aqua park, as well as a two-deck ’inside promenade.’

Also among the ships’ new features will be specially designed cabins for families and an extended MSC Yacht Club, the entirely self-contained private club on the prestigious foredecks that will now be completed with a vast solarium, a private lounge and restaurant, and duplex suites.

“Growth and development have always been the characteristics that have defined MSC since the very beginning of our journey into the world of cruising. The launch of this prototype and the building of these two new ships confirm our commitment to further growth and to further development. MSC Cruises will expand its capacity by 31%; we will incredibly enrich our offer on board and we will broaden our horizons to ensure we meet the growing global demand in every region,” said MSC Cruises’ Executive Chairman Pierfrancesco Vago. “Once again our longstanding partnership with the STX yard has proved key for these plans.”

MSC’s new prototype will be the biggest cruise ship ever built by a European ship owner and this new generation of ships will also be cleaner, more efficient, and more technologically advanced. They will be water emission free, while the hulls and propulsion systems will be optimized for better energy efficiency. The installation of scrubbers will allow for fumes to be neutralized and CO2 emissions to be in accordance with the latest evolutions of international maritime regulations.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

First Steel Cut For Norwegian Escape

Kevin Sheehan & Bernard Meyer
The first piece of steel was cut at MEYER WERFT in Papenburg, Germany this week for the construction of Norwegian Escape, the first of two new Breakaway Plus Class ships for Norwegian Cruise Line. Norwegian Cruise Line and MEYER WERFT executives watched as the first plate of steel was cut by a plasma torch in the yard’s state of the art facility. This plate will become part of Block 46 that will comprise the new vessel.

Norwegian Escape will be the largest ship in our fleet and will continue our legacy of innovation,” said Kevin Sheehan, Norwegian’s chief executive officer. “Cutting the first piece of steel for Norwegian Escape marks the official start of construction for this remarkable ship. We are eagerly anticipating her delivery in October of 2015.”

Norwegian’s two Breakaway Plus class ships, Norwegian Escape and Norwegian Bliss, will be approximately 163,000 gross tons and offer 4,200 passenger berths. Norwegian Escape will boast all of exciting and innovative features found on Norwegian Breakaway and Norwegian Getaway, plus a number of new spaces and interactive experiences that are yet to be announced.

Norwegian Escape will be 10th ship that MEYER WERFT has built for Norwegian Cruise Line within the last 15 years and this one is very special, because of the dimensions of approximately 163,000 gross tons and the many new innovations onboard,” said Bernard Meyer, managing partner of MEYER WERFT.

Earlier this month, Norwegian announced that Norwegian Escape will homeport year-round in Miami following her delivery in late 2015 and sail a 7-day Eastern Caribbean itinerary starting Nov 14, 2015; visiting Tortola, British Virgin Islands; St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands; and Nassau, Bahamas. Norwegian also announced that famed marine wildlife artist and champion of ocean conservation Guy Harvey has designed the ship’s signature hull artwork which features an underwater scene of marine wildlife.

Learn more about Norwegian Escape at

Friday, March 21, 2014

River Venture Visits Ports of Call on the River Seine

Aboard Vantage Deluxe World Travel’s River Venture for its 4-night inaugural sailing from Paris on the River Seine, we got a taste of French river cruising and long for more.

Sightseeing tours are included in the fare and aren’t limited to walking around with a guide pointing out the sights. Some of our tours were on foot, but the guides took the time to offer historical facts and insight into what we were seeing and to answer questions. Utilizing a receiver and headphone system, passengers were able to hear guides quite clearly.

Our first stop after departing Paris was Conflans, where we boarded coaches for a visit to Versailles and the magnificent palace of the Sun King, Louis XIV. Our guide prepared us for what we would see during the drive, but words simply cannot describe the opulence of the Hall of Mirrors. After touring the royal apartments of the palace we spent a short time outside in the lush gardens.

Back on board, River Venture sailed all afternoon, which was something Mel looked forward to—seeing the sights along the riverbanks as well as the workings of the various locks along the river from a comfortable chair on the Sun Deck. A surprise awaited upon arrival at our next stop, Vernon in the Normandy region. For her inaugural visit, the River Venture and her passengers were greeted with a fireworks display that would rival any that we’ve seen on the Fourth of July back home.

Bright and early the next morning we once again boarded coaches for the drive to Les Andelys where we stopped high above the Seine at the ruins of the castle of Richard the Lionhearted. The history of the Normandy region of France is linked to Great Britain and before that, the Vikings. Most passengers chose to walk downhill from the castle to the village. Those of us who are less sure-footed took the coaches down and wandered the cobblestone streets, stopping in art galleries, coffee shops, and boutiques housed in half-timber buildings. A bakery served up delicious chocolate croissants.

Back in Vernon, our guides led us on walking tours of the walled medieval sections of town before we departed for our return to Paris.

Ah, Paris in the springtime. We were blessed with beautiful weather—sunny and mild—for our tour of the city by coach. We drove along the Champs-Élysées and passed all the important sites, such as the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvres, and Les Invalides, the Military Museum and Tomb of Napoleon. A photo stop at the Eiffel Tower was followed by a longer stop at Notre Dame where we had nearly an hour to explore the cathedral and its surroundings at leisure. Mel and I once again craved chocolate, this time a chocolate crepe prepared by a vendor on the sidewalk in the shadow of Notre Dame. Some passengers opted to return to River Venture at the conclusion of the tour and others stayed in the city to explore further on their own during our free afternoon.

With our cruise aboard River Venture drawing to a close, our final tour was to Paradis Latin—the theater designed by Gustave Eiffel—for dinner and a French cabaret show. Performances by singers, dancers (some of them topless), an aerialist, and a juggler were a delight. The highlight, of course, was an authentic can-can. While Paradis Latin isn’t an included tour, it can be purchased as an add-on and was well worth it.

While our cruise was short, Vantage offers itineraries ranging in length from 12 to 22 days from Paris south to the French Riviera and north to Honfleur and the Normandy Beaches.

Learn more about Vantage, “the best kept secret in deluxe river cruising,” at Vantage Deluxe World Travel.

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Rolling on the River Seine Aboard Vantage River Venture

After an overnight flight to Paris we arrived bright and very early in the morning to be met by a lovely Parisian lady bearing a paddle with the name of our river boat on it—the highly personalized service of Vantage Deluxe World Tours had begun.

When the transfer van delivered us to River Venture, docked on the Left Bank of the River Seine, Captain Francois Bertin extended a personal greeting and our river cruise was set to began. Check in on board was a breeze as there were only seven of us in the earliest transfer from the airport. As we arrived so early for River Venture’s inaugural sailing on the Seine, a light breakfast was offered—a real treat after airline food.

It was also a treat to settle into our category C stateroom 328, a restful retreat with a view across the river and a French balcony with floor-to-ceiling slider for fresh air. At 165 square feet, it is a compact space, yet efficiently laid out with a small sitting area and table alongside an extremely comfortable double bed that can be converted to two twins. Along one wall, a vanity/desk, a second chair, and ample storage in a dresser with four large drawers and enclosed shelves rounded out the furnishings. Above the dresser a large flat-screen television featured an infotainment system featuring international news channels, a music station, and movies on demand. Two closets were ample for our wardrobe and would have held much more than we packed.

A hair dryer is provided and US and European plugs are located alongside the vanity desk, which also featured a clock radio that doubled as an iPod/iPhone docking station. Bottled water was also provided upon our arrival. An ice machine just down the passageway was available to fill the ice bucket.

As expected, the bathroom was also compact; however, it was more than large enough for one person’s use at a time. A surprisingly generous sized shower had a glass door—no steaming up the entire bathroom during a hot shower—and L’Occitane de Provence amenities lined the glass shelf above the sink. Below the sink, enclosed storage for our own toiletries was also more than large enough. One of our favorite features was one we have at home—a shaving/makeup mirror with a magnifying side that extended above the sink.

With only 134 passengers on board, and our early arrival, luggage appeared in no time and we settled into our home for the next four days and were ready to begin our river adventure. First stop, Conflans to visit the Palace of Versailles.

Learn more about Vantage, “the best kept secret in deluxe river cruising,” at Vantage Deluxe World Travel.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Behind the Queen Mary 2 Bow Photo Shoot

Last week we shared photos of the Queen Mary 2's captain posing on the ship's bulbous bow and wondered how they did that.

Cunard Line has shared a video showing the steps they took to accomplish a historic photo shoot:

Monday, March 17, 2014

ShipPreview: MSC Divina, So Divine

Christened by Italy's legendary Sophia Loren in 2012, MSC Divina is one of MSC Cruises’ four Fantasia-class ships and at 139,072 tons and with 14 passenger decks, she carries 3,502 passenger based on double occupancy, or 4,363 at full capacity. Those stats are impressive—she is a mega-size vessel—however, the layout is so well designed that MSC Divina never felt crowded during our recent seven-night cruise.

First impressions count and our initial one was that MSC Divina is an Italian beauty with an abundance of gleaming marble and brass. In a way, you could say the décor is a bit retro, but my husband Mel’s description—“upscale warmth”—sums up the overall feeling. MSC Cruises describes it as the “Med Way of Life” and that sums it up for us. It only got better as the week went on.

Positioned in the fall of 2013 to sail year-round from the Port of Miami, you can typically expect to find about 70% of passengers on board from North America and 30% from the rest of the world. On our sailing the international passenger mix was a bit higher at about 40% and it added to the enjoyment of the cruise as we met many travelers from Norway, Germany, the British Isles, Japan, and of course Italy.

Come aboard for our review of MSC Divina and you’ll agree, she’s so divine.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Cunard Line Catches Beatlemania

As celebrations mark the 50th Anniversary of The Beatles’ American debut, Cunard Line will commemorate the group’s first crossing of the Atlantic with The Beatles Experience, a live musical tribute to the mop-topped foursome. The premiere tribute band and Queen Mary 2 will come together during one of the ship’s Transatlantic Crossings, departing from New York on Oct 28, 2014.

For more than a decade, the members of The Beatles Experience have been entertaining audiences all over the world. Their performances cover the depth of The Beatles’ career—from the heady days of Beatlemania in the early 1960s to the group’s final farewell performance from a London rooftop at Saville row. The Beatles Experience’s performances have traced the steps of the original Fab Four. They had the rare privilege of playing on the grounds of Buckingham Palace in 2013, and they are a regular guest act at Liverpool’s famous Cavern Club, where The Beatles first gained fame in Britain.

“We are thrilled to welcome The Beatles Experience on board our flagship, Queen Mary 2,” said David Dingle, CEO for Cunard Line. “The Beatles are the most iconic and popular rock band in history, as well as one of the U.K.’s most famous exports. So it is only fitting that we would bring a taste of Beatlemania to travelers enjoying one of our most iconic and popular voyages—a Cunard Transatlantic Crossing.”

Passengers on board the 8-day October sailing will have the exclusive opportunity to enjoy a concert by The Beatles Experience in the Royal Court Theatre. Audiences will also be treated to Q&A’s during the voyage. The Beatles Experience will also perform on Queen Mary 2’s April 2, 2014 Hong Kong to Dubai sailing, Queen Victoria’s April 1, 2014 San Francisco to Fort Lauderdale sailing and Queen Elizabeth’s March 29. 2014 Hong Kong to Dubai sailing.

Imaqe Courtesy Cunard Line

Friday, March 14, 2014

Norwegian Cruise Line Adds Sweet Treats

 “Cake Boss,” Buddy Valastro
There’s a new “boss” coming to the entire Norwegian Cruise Line fleet—Master Baker Buddy Valastro, star of the popular TLC television series “Cake Boss” and “Next Great Baker” and who recently opened two Carlo’s Bake Shop locations on board Norwegian Breakaway and Norwegian Getaway, will feature his dessert creations on all Norwegian ships.

“The Carlo’s Bake Shop cakes and pastries on Norwegian Breakaway and Norwegian Getaway have been a huge hit with our guests,” said Kevin Sheehan, Norwegian Cruise Line’s chief executive officer. “We are thrilled to make Cruising like a Norwegian even sweeter now by offering Buddy’s incredible dessert creations to guests sailing on all of the ships in our fleet.”

Guests sailing on any Norwegian Cruise Line ship will soon have the opportunity to enjoy the treats and confections that the original Carlo’s bakery is known for, including: Carlo’s Bake Shop’s cannolis, lobster tails, tiramisu, plus a variety of other unique cakes, cupcakes,and Italian cookies.

Norwegian Epic began offering Carlo’s Bakery items on March 9; to be followed by Norwegian Dawn on March 16, Norwegian Jewel on March 23, Norwegian Star on March 30, and Norwegian Gem on April 8, 2014. The remaining ships will offer Carlo’s items in the coming months. Carlo’s Bake Shop dessert items will be featured in each ship’s Java and Atrium Cafes and available for purchase a la carte.

“Our ‘family’ is growing and we couldn’t be happier,” said Buddy Valastro. “Partnering with Norwegian to launch Carlo’s on board Norwegian Breakaway and Getaway was an incredible experience and now we are so excited that cruisers on any of Norwegian’s amazing ships will be able to enjoy our desserts during their vacations.”

Image Courtesy of Norwegian Cruise Line

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Celebrity Cruises’ World Tour 2015-16 To Include South America & The Panama Canal

Celebrity Cruises has introduced a set of South America and Panama Canal itineraries for 2015-16, with 34 different destinations in 15 countries to choose from. New for this season is the unique opportunity for guests to spend two nights in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil during the country’s most famous and vibrant annual event—Carnival. Vacationers can experience the sights and sounds of Brazil’s internationally renowned Carnival festivities for three full days and two nights in Rio de Janeiro with Celebrity’s South America & Rio Carnival itinerary beginning Jan. 31, 2016. The 14-night sailing onboard Celebrity Infinity will sail from Buenos Aires and visit Sao Paulo, Ilhabela, Buzios and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; as well as Punta del Este and Montevideo, Uruguay.

The 2,170-guest ship will also offer a series of 14-night itineraries sailing to destinations between Buenos Aires, Argentina and Valparaiso, including the must-see Chilean Fjords, Cape Horn, the Straits of Magellan, and overnight stays in Buenos Aires. Guests can sail to the world’s southernmost continent—Antarctica—on a 14-night adventure. Roundtrip from Buenos Aires, the itinerary features breathtaking passages through Schollart Channel and Dalhan Bay, Paradise Bay and the Gerlache Strait; Elephant Island, Antarctica; and the Falkland Islands. Guests sailing to South America also have the option to explore Peru’s historical Machu Picchu, one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, during Celebrity Infinity’s sailings on Dec. 5, 2015 and March 13, 2016.

Travelers who wish to sail through the Panama Canal can embark on a series of vacations between South Florida and San Diego, California or Valparaiso, Chile starting Nov. 5, 2015. The 15-night itineraries showcase extended visits in Panama, providing two ways to witness the Canal’s grand operation, from the ship and on land.

Celebrity will continue to reveal its full 2015-16 lineup as each set of itineraries opens for bookings.

Image ©

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

First Steel Cut on New Carnival Vista

The image at left doesn't really do the occasion justice, but it illustrates that construction on the 135,000-ton Carnival Vista is officially underway.

Late last month at the Fincantieri shipyard in Monfalcone, Italy, the first steel was cut on Carnival Cruise Lines' newest "Fun Ship," which is slated to enter service in spring 2016.

Following the initial start-up of construction, workers will now begin building out the 4,000-passenger ship which will feature a variety of dining, bar and entertainment options that are part of the line's Fun Ship 2.0 product enhancement initiative as well as several innovations unique to this vessel. Carnival Vista will be the 25th vessel in the Carnival Cruise Lines' fleet. Additional details on Carnival Vista's homeport, itinerary and design innovations will be announced in the future.

Photo Courtesy Carnival Cruise Lines

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Queen Mary 2’s Captain Takes A Bow

Dramatic photographs of Captain Kevin Oprey, Master of Queen Mary 2, were taken last week while he was standing beneath the Cunard Line flagship’s soaring hull a mile off the coast of Bali during the ship's World Cruise in her 10th anniversary year.

These images really put Queen Mary 2’s size into perspective!

Photos credit: James Morgan

Monday, March 10, 2014

New Cruise Review: Norwegian Epic

Our friends Vincent and Mary Finelli sailed on Norwegian Epic during her inaugural season and recently returned for a second cruise. While the couple has mobility challenges, that doesn't stop them from enjoying their cruise travels and they were really busy enjoying the features aboard Norwegian Epic, which they share in their cruise review.

Vincent said, "As we reported in our first review of the Epic, we had many problems with the high thresholds around the ship; however, there must have been some corrective action, since now we had a smoother ride around the ship. Although some access to certain areas could be improved by installing more automatic door openers (i.e., promenade on deck 7), the progress toward a more wheelchair friendly ship is significant. Definitely, we had a great cruise, better than the previous one."

Image Courtesy Norwegian Cruise Line

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Mamma Mia! It's Quantum of the Seas

Royal Caribbean's Quantum of the Seas, launching in November of this year, will bring the music of ABBA and Dancing Queens onboard when it debuts Mamma Mia, the line's fourth fully-licensed Broadway production onboard its fleet.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Princess Cruises Offers “Summer Super Savers”

Princess Cruises has a deal for travelers looking for memorable summer vacations with a special “Summer Super Savers” promotion offering cruise fares discounted up to 40 percent. More than 150 summer cruises are featured in the sale, including sailings to the Caribbean, the “Great Land” of Alaska, and Princess’ new Japan sailings. The March 4 to April 1, 2014 sale also features a special reduced deposit of only $100 per person. More information about the summer cruise sale and pricing can be found at

Sample summer vacation cruise deals include:
• Alaska Voyage of the Glaciers cruise, 7 days: $579 interior (was $979); $1,070 balcony (was $1,749)
• Alaska Inside Passage cruise, 7 days: $649 interior (was $899); $1,199 balcony (was $1,399)
• Caribbean cruise, 7 days: $699 interior (was $1,049); $999 balcony (was $1,399)
• Japan cruise, 9 days: $1,299 interior (was $1,989); $1,999 balcony (was $2,989)
Additional information about current cruise deals and promotions can be found at

All cruise prices quoted above are per person, based on double occupancy. The Summer Super Savers sale runs through 11:59 p.m. Pacific Daylight Savings Time on April 1, 2014, and is available to residents of the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Mexico.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Norwegian Rolls Out Norwegian Epic’s New Europe Itineraries

Norwegian Cruise Line has announced some intriguing ports of call for Norwegian Epic’s 2015/2016 winter season from her new year-round homeport of Barcelona, Spain. From Nov 29, 2015 through April 7, 2016, Norwegian Epic will set sail from Barcelona on 10-day Canary Islands & Morocco itineraries and 10-, 11-, or 12-day Western Mediterranean itineraries, with some special holiday sailings in the mix.

Canary Islands & Morocco
Norwegian Epic will offer 10-day Canary Islands & Morocco itineraries from Barcelona starting Nov 29, 2015. Norwegian Epic’s Canary Islands & Morocco itineraries will encompass some of the most sought after ports of call along the North Western Coast of Africa and will visit: Tangier, Morocco; Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Spain; Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Tenerife, Spain; Funchal, Madeira, Portugal; and Málaga (Granada), Spain. Sail dates are: Nov 29, 2015; Jan 3 & 24, 2016; Feb 14, 2016; and March 6 & 28, 2016.

Guests who want to celebrate Christmas 2015 on board Norwegian Epic can do so on a 9-day Canary Islands & Morocco itinerary on Dec 19, 2015, visiting Tangier, Morocco; Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Spain; Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Tenerife, Spain; and Málaga (Granada), Spain.

Western Mediterranean
Guests wishing to cruise to the Western Mediterranean on Norwegian Epic can cruise on their choice of 6-, 10-, 11-, and 12-day itineraries.

Norwegian Epic’s 11-day itinerary features ports of call including Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy; Carthage, Tunisia; Palermo, Sicily, Italy; Naples (Pompeii), Italy; Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy; Livorno (Florence/Pisa), Italy; Palma, Majorca, Spain; and Barcelona, Spain, and will be offered on Jan 13, 2016 and Feb 3 & 24, 2016.

On Dec 9, 2015 and April 7, 2016, Norwegian Epic will sail two 10-day Western Mediterranean itineraries that visit Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy; Carthage, Tunisia; Palermo, Sicily, Italy; Naples (Pompeii), Italy; Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy; and Livorno (Florence/Pisa), Italy.

Guests who want to cruise through the New Year can set sail on Dec 28, 2015, from Barcelona on a 6-day cruise. Ports of call include Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy; Naples (Pompeii), Italy and Palma, Majorca, Spain.

Norwegian Epic’s final cruise of the winter season, on March 16, 2016, will be a 12-day Western Mediterranean that visits Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy; Carthage, Tunisia; Palermo, Sicily, Italy; Naples (Pompeii), Italy; Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy; Livorno (Florence/Pisa), Italy; Palma, Majorca, Spain; and Valencia, Spain.

Norwegian Epic is the perfect ship to bring to Europe year-round and the ship’s new Europe itineraries are sure to be a hit among cruisers looking to explore this spectacular part of the world,” said Kevin Sheehan, Norwegian Cruise Line’s chief executive officer. “These new itineraries provide exciting experiences and sights for our guests, while giving them a chance to spend more time exploring more of the beautiful cities that Europe is known for.”

Norwegian Epic’s new Europe itineraries will open for sale in April 2014.

Image Courtesy Norwegian Cruise Line

Thursday, March 6, 2014

New Features Added During Carnival Legend's Makeover

Carnival Legend recently returned to service from Tampa with a variety of new and exciting innovations, but you'll have to act quick to get on board to enjoy them before the ship sails off to homeport ‘Down Under.’

New features on Carnival Legend include:
• WaterWorks, an aqua park highlighted by Green Thunder, an 187-foot-long slide with a 34-foot-long drop where riders obtain speeds of up to 25 miles per hour; WaterWorks also features the 214-foot-long Twister slide, as well as a splash zone with various spray toys, dual mini-racing slides, and a 150-gallon PowerDrencher tipping bucket
• RedFrog Pub, a Caribbean-themed watering hole where guests can relax with the Caribbean’s best rums and beers, along with Carnival’s own ThirstyFrog Red private label draft brew, and enjoy live music while soaking up the distinct British-West-Indies-meets-Key-West ambiance
• Bonsai Sushi, a full-service sushi restaurant offering Asian-inspired delicacies such as sushi, sashimi, rolls and more, along with popular beers and cocktails from the region, all enjoyed amidst a contemporary Far East decor
• Cherry On Top, a “candy and more store” which celebrates the joys of simple indulgences with bins of bulk candy, fun fanciful gifts and novelties, custom apparel and more
• Hasbro, The Game Show, where guests are part of the show through a series of larger-than-life productions and entertainment activities based on the company’s iconic and popular games
• Playlist Productions, which builds upon Carnival’s reputation for high quality entertainment, combining captivating live performances and high-tech special effects, all set to popular and recognizable songs
Carnival Legend will continue its current schedule of 7-day Caribbean cruises from Tampa through Aug. 17, then embark on a 13-day Panama Canal transit that ends in Long Beach, California, Aug. 30, 2014. The ship will then sail a 23-day trans-Pacific voyage departing Long Beach Aug. 30, and arriving in Sydney, Sept. 22, 2014, positioning the vessel for a seasonal program of 8- to 12-day cruises featuring destinations throughout New Caledonia, Vanuatu and Fiji.

Image Courtesy Carnival Cruise Lines

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sail Off On An Easter Spring Fling Aboard MSC Divina

MSC Divina docked in Cozumel
Families looking for a getaway this Easter need look no further. MSC Cruises, the only cruise line in which kids age 11 and under sail free year-round (and the charge for children age 12 to 17 is only $99), is offering not only special rates but a full week of Easter fun for kids and parents alike.

During Easter season, featured 7-night sailings from Miami on MSC Divina include:
• April 12: Sail to Falmouth, Jamaica, Georgetown, Cayman Islands, Cozumel, Mexico, and the private island of Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas; starting at $369.00 for an interior stateroom.

• April 19: Visit Phillipsburg, St. Maarten, Road Town, Tortola, and Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas; starting at $349.00 for an interior stateroom.

• April 26: Visit ports of Falmouth, Jamaica, Georgetown, Cayman Islands, Cozumel, Mexico, and the private island of Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas; starting at $369.00 for an interior stateroom.
Also check out several special rates available on those select April itineraries. Visit the MSC Cruises website and go to the dropdown menu to choose the offer that best meets your needs.

Children's Easter Activities
In addition to the wide array of kids activities offered on board year-round, children sailing with MSC Divina will enjoy a variety of specially created "Easter themed" activities, including talent shows, Kids "Easter hunt", costume parades at the Pantheon Theatre, pool games, line dancing, special productions with MSC dancers and artists, arts and crafts and Easter chef classes. Chocolate Easter eggs will of course, be part of the celebrations.

Easter Dining Delights
On board MSC Divina and across the fleet, guests will enjoy Easter menus in the ships main restaurants. Guests can savor a delicious Easter Gala dinner on April 20th, featuring dishes such as Swordfish and oven roasted tomato slices with thyme and, an assortment of soups and salads, homemade pasta and risotto dishes, such as Risotto with Swiss chard and roasted sea scallops flavored with orange and entrees, including "thyme crusted lamb chops" and "salmon steak au gratin with butter and thyme". Divine desserts will feature Italian traditional Easter Dove Cake, "Pastiera Napoletana" Neapolitan tart with cooked wheat berries, Ricotta cheese and orange blossom water and a mouth-watering Easter chocolate cake.

On April 21st, guests will be treated the a special Easter lunch "La Pasquetta", featuring traditional Italian dishes, such as "Torta Pasqualina", a puff pastry pie filled with spinach, Ricotta cheese and egg, "Cannelloni gratinati al forno" au gratin filled with salmon and asparagus, "Mezzemaniche con broccoletti" with broccoli in monkfish sauce with fresh basil and international delicacies, such as stewed duck in Marsala wine sauce with braised spring onions and roasted champignons and Leg of Lamb accompanied by potatoes au gratin with bacon and fresh thyme, among many other tasty options. For all menus, specialty wines & cocktail suggestions will also be offered.

In addition to the many Easter celebrations, guests on MSC Divina can enjoy a slew of exciting features unique to North American cruising. Two dining venues were created in partnership with Italian restaurant emporium Eataly. The upscale Ristorante Italia and spectacular regional steakhouse, Eataly Steakhouse, fashioned after the famed restaurant in Eataly's Manhattan location, are now available to MSC Divina guests at an extra charge. MSC Divina is also the first ship to offer Aqua Cycling at sea. Also unique to the ship, is the popular Formula 1 simulator, 4-D Cinema, Infinity Pool, and new Segafredo Coffee Bar.

If you go, take my advice and try the gelato! You'll thank me.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

MSC Divina Visits Great Stirrup Cay

MSC Divina at anchor off Great Stirrup Cay
We’ve known of Great Stirrup Cay as Norwegian Cruise Line’s private island, which we’ve enjoyed visiting numerous times over the past 20-plus years, so we were delighted to see it on our MSC Divina itinerary. Unfortunately we almost missed a day ashore on the pristine beach due to inclement weather. Fortunately, it cleared up enough for the ship to get the go-ahead and we proceeded ashore after a couple anxious hours of waiting.

Tender docking
Three tenders based on Great Stirrup Cay ferried us ashore from MSC Divina. Of note is that two of them—Little Norway I & Little Norway II—were once the shore tenders carried on the bow of the SS Norway. They approach the island’s docks bow first and passengers disembark via a ramp as pictured here. No more walking off right onto the sand, which is a huge improvement. With the new docking facilities away from the beach front, the beach is now wide open and there’s room for many more loungers. Another plus is that snorkelers don’t have to worry about straying into the tendering area.

The main beach
There’s a lot more to do on Great Stirrup Cay than in the past as well. In addition to swimming and snorkeling independently, excursions offered by MSC Divina’s tour desk included a snorkel adventure to view an old shipwreck, wave runner and kayaking tours, a marine life eco boat tour, and a Bahamian “Stingray City” experience. Active cruisers took to stand-up paddle boards in the island’s cove, while others got a bit of exercise by pedal powering in paddle boats that accommodate two or four passengers. If they didn’t bring your own, snorkel equipment was available to rent—note that snorkel vests are mandatory and the cost is $6.90 for the day. There is also a Bahamian shopping village and nearby a 40 foot high and 175 foot long Hippo water slide ($19.90 for the day). For relaxation in the warm clear water, soft foam floats ($13.90) and large inflatable rafts ($26.90) were available. A bit of personal shade-for-two is offered in clamshells that rent for $29.90 for the day. The highlight is the gorgeous beach and crystal clear water.
Private Cabanas
The ultimate spots for enjoyment on Cabana Beach, a secluded area adjacent to the main beach, and Fiesta Beach, overlooking Bertram’s Cove, are private cabanas that include just about anything you could ask for during your stay. The larger Cabana Beach cabanas accommodate six guests for $249.90 and smaller Fiesta Beach cabanas accommodate four for $199.00. Included are bottled water, fruit, tortilla chips, and salsa upon arrival and either four or two floating mats respectively. Outfitted with a table, chairs, loungers and ceiling fans, they provide an idyllic spot to spend the day.

Beach Barbeque
No day at the beach would be complete without a barbeque prepared by MSC Divina’s chefs and staff. Dishes included jerk chicken and other barbeque favorites such as hot dogs and burgers with all the trimmings. Because this is an MSC cruise, we also had delicious cheese and peperoni pizza with Chicago-style thick crust. Desserts included a variety of cookies and pineapple cake. Tropica beverages were available at a number of beach bars, including the exclusive Bacardi Bar.

Anyone who was stressed out wondering whether we’d make it ashore could book a massage in a special spa facility on the island.
All-in-all, despite the initial drizzle, we had a good time on Great Stirrup Cay, a Bahamian island we look forward to visiting again when the sun is shining.

Bahamian shopping & the waterfront
Hippo slide hovering overhead
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Monday, March 3, 2014

MSC Divina’s Yacht Club

From the moment they arrive at the pier until the end of their cruise, guests occupying the 69 suites in MSC Divina’s Yacht Club receive unparalleled service and amenities. Met at pierside with their luggage upon arrival at the Port in Miami (illustrated at left), they are whisked aboard to begin their cruise by checking in at their own concierge desk on Deck 15, bypassing the busy check-in lines in the terminal. That’s only the beginning of the exclusive pampering they experience. Accessible only by key card, the Yacht Club is a private enclave of posh accommodations and privilege.

Once in the Yacht Club they find 234-283 square foot suites with 61 square foot balconies that have generous storage, walk-in closets, luxurious linens, and marble bathrooms with tubs. The plushest are the Royal and Sophia Loren Suites at 390 square feet with 170 square foot balconies—Ms. Loren designed the suite named for her with her own signature touches and black and white photos from her legendary career adorn the walls. Three Executive & Family Suites that measure 462-547 square feet are forward-facing with panoramic windows.

There’s no reason for Yacht Club guests to stand in line at the ship’s Reception Desk on Deck 5 as all their needs are taken care of in the Yacht Club. Private butlers are available around the clock to handle most requests and the concierge, whose desk is pictured at left, can take care of specialty dining requests and arrange their spa appointments and shore excursions. Butlers each serve eight suites and their assistants handle the daily cleaning. When going ashore Yacht Club guests are escorted to the head of the lines to leave the ship.

In addition to the private reception area with/concierge desk and small library, amenities include The One swimming pool with sun deck, two hot tubs, lounge chairs, umbrella tables, showers, a fully stocked bar, and a grill, and the forward-facing Top Sail lounge with floor-to-ceiling windows offering expansive sea views, a continental breakfast, lunch snacks, and a full service bar that serves as an evening cocktail lounge with a pianist. There is even a small area in the open deck near the pool dedicated to smokers. Like the rest of the ship, Yacht Club accommodations and balconies are non-smoking. All beverages in the Yacht Club venues, including cocktails, beer, wine, soft drinks, and mini-bar contents are complimentary.

Aft, with a view over MSC Divina’s wake is Le Muse (pictured at left), the Yacht Club’s dedicated open seating restaurant where breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner are served.

Like those on her Fantasia-class sister ships, MSC Divina’s Yacht Club is all-inclusive and very exclusive. At the end of the cruise, the service doesn’t stop—in a final personalized touch, Yacht Club guests are escorted ashore by their butlers who handle their tote bags and other hand luggage.

Naturally, Yacht Club guests have access to all the other facilities and entertainments on MSC Divina, but their luxurious ship-within-a-ship cruise is simply a cut above.

MSC Divina’s Yacht Club—it’s so divine.

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Saturday, March 1, 2014

MSC Divina Visits Ports of Call

Overlooking the Port of Falmouth
While every cruise visits a number of ports, our Western Caribbean itinerary on MSC Divina is somewhat out of the ordinary, with calls at Falmouth Jamaica; Georgetown, Grand Cayman; Cozumel, Mexico; and Great Stirrup Cay, a private island in the Bahamas. What makes it unique is that Falmouth is still relatively unknown and Great Stirrup Cay is owned by Norwegian Cruise Line and usually only visited by ships in their fleet.

An absolute highlight was our first port—the newest in Jamaica at Falmouth. Purpose built, with docking space for two cruise ships (including the world’s largest), the enclosed port area is wide open and was uncrowded as MSC Divina passengers had the entire port to themselves. A long central square is surrounded by impressive buildings housing shops with the recognizable names of merchants found throughout the Caribbean. What captured our interest were the stalls and Craft Market where local vendors displayed their wares—everything from wood carvings and handmade baskets to tee-shirts and tote bags. A draped stall even offered neck and shoulder massages for $1 a minute. Jamaica has a reputation for aggressive street vendors, but there was no pressure to buy in Falmouth—simply courteous invitations to browse and look. Also within the port area were several musicians entertaining guests with Island music on steel drums and guitar and a branch of Margaritaville—a staple for ‘burgers and, of course, Margaritas beside the large swimming pool.
Falmouth's Central Square & Water Tower
Tours offered by MSC Divina’s shore excursion staff ranged from adventurous Jamaican “bobsledding,” swimming with dolphins, climbing Dunn’s River Fall, and zip-lining over the Martha Brae River to the more sedate rafting on the river and High Tea at the nearby Good Hope Estate. For a laid-back day, guests could opt for a shuttle bus to Montego Bay’s beaches and shops at a cost of $22.90. Inside the port a Trolley Tour of historic Falmouth, with a stop at St. Peter’s Anglican Church, was available for $22.

Mel and I have been to Jamaica often and decided to spend our time further exploring the town afoot. After exiting the port we asked one of the tourism officials in a white ’safari’ style hat where we could find a spot to sit and enjoy a Red Stripe beer. She escorted us to one of the nearby souvenir stalls where the proprietor had a cooler of ice cold beers and a couple chairs. We had ring-side seats for people watching as we relaxed. Making our way further into town we mingled with the residents in the main square where the water tower is located. Falmouth is proud to boast that their town had piped water before even New York City acquired such an innovation.
After an interesting and, for us, very satisfying visit, we were off to the more often visited ports of Georgetown and Cozumel.

Stay tuned to join us for a day at the beach on Great Stirrup Cay.
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