Saturday, February 11, 2012

Put Princess Cruises’ Blog On Your Coffee Table

It was a hit online and will be equally popular reading in your living room. The inspirational travel stories featured on Princess Cruises’ award-winning blog “50 Essential Experiences–The Travel Bucket List” have been gathered into a just-published collectors’ book. The beautifully-produced volume takes readers to some of the most fascinating places around the globe, following in the footsteps of some worldly travelers as they share their favorite travel memories and “must see” places.

The book recounts each of the Essential Experiences from one to 50, just as they were featured on the line’s year-long blog. The site, one of the most popular blogs in the cruise industry, attracted millions of views and thousands of comments. Each of the 50 stories focuses on a notable travel destination, and each is told by one of the line’s destination experts–well-traveled employees from the shipboard and shoreside teams.

“Because of this reader enthusiasm, we decided to turn 50 Essential Experiences into a book to continue inspiring people to build their own bucket list of travel destinations,” said Jan Swartz, Princess Cruises executive vice president. “Few people have seen more of the world than our own destination experts,” noted Swartz. “In the more than four decades that we’ve been sailing the globe, many of our longest-serving shipboard and shoreside employees have logged thousands of sea and air miles visiting hundreds of countries, cities and sites. And now their experiences and recommendations will live on in this new book.”

Along with each author’s story, you can learn more about each Destination Expert through the “Five Revealing Questions” in which they tell more about favorite souvenirs and most memorable travel meals.

“50 Essential Experiences–The Travel Bucket List” is a 328-page softcover coffee table book, filled with dramatic photographs of each destination. The book is available for $18.95 on and in shipboard boutiques throughout the Princess fleet.

If you missed following it last year, the entire blog can be found at


Susan K. said...

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Nice blog. This is my travel bucket list.

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