Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cruise On, Mom

Some people ask how Cruise Diva discovered her love for ships and the high seas. I discovered the source of my fascination in a dusty box of mementos from a long ago, dimly remembered voyage. It wasn't my cruise vacation, but my mother's. You could say I have a cruise gene. It was there all along, tucked away in the corner of a closet shelf. Dormant for years, it was just waiting to be found.

What was my mother's first cruise aboard Royal Caribbean's Song of Norway in 1980 like? Some things never change...there was the boat drill and Captain's Party (pictured here, Mom being greeted by the ship's Master), plus sunny days, relaxation beside the pool, dancing the night away, and plenty of casino action. Blackjack was her game and my mother loved the casino!

As I remember my mom today, join me in a Mother's Day tribute to the lady who passed along her cruise genes to me. Welcome aboard my mom's first cruise on the Song of Norway: Cruise On, Mom.

And, just to get you in the mood and illustrate how some things have changed on board Royal Caribbean ships, Royal Caribbean has produced the following video of families together enjoying quality time, creating memories, and giving moms some well-deserved time off. From the FlowRider to the Spa, there is something that appeals to everyone in the family. I never got to take a cruise with my mother, but I hope every child who has the opportunity to do so disembarks with a smile.

Happy Mother's Day!

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