Saturday, September 15, 2007

Cruising? Pack a Hungry Suitcase

I get some unusual email, but this clever one really really piqued my curiosity...

Dear Linda, Need help finding the perfect getaway? Visit and ask me, Sammy Suitcase. Not only can I ride the baggage carousel with the best of `em, but my Vacation Fun-A-Lyzer can help you discover a great vacation. Instantly!
How could I resist meeting a hungry blue suitcase named Sammy? I visited his web site and selected items to drag and drop into his open lid. The result? Based on the things I chose to pack, Zen Master is my personality profile and my vacation of choice is the Caribbean. If I were a bag, I'd be a beach tote. I'd take it easy and nap in a hammock; my bumper sticker would read, "I'd rather be sitting under a palm tree."

If you didn't receive Sammy's email via Royal Caribbean, just click the link above and be prepared to pack your bag and sign up for future email newsletters.

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