Thursday, July 3, 2008

Eurodam, The Inaugural: Sailing From Rotterdam

The images of Eurodam’s departure from Rotterdam are so special that they are worth sharing here. First, there was the fireboat off Eurodam’s bow.

Next, a Port of Rotterdam tug and sightseeing boat.

Finally, local citizens lining the riverbank to watch as Eurodam passed by.

When we arrived earlier in the week, a small pleasure craft bearing a banner “Eurodam, Welcome Home” greeted us. During our departure, a similar boat with another banner pulled alongside bearing the message “Eurodam, Behouden Vaart” or “safe sailing” in English.

Once we reached the open sea Eurodam came to life—we were in cruise mode and the casino and duty-free shops opened. Being female, naturally I went shopping and, with the assistance of Robyn Du Plessis, found a cosmetic product I needed. Robyn saved me a trip to the mall at home next week as well as saving me money. As Markus Stenerys rang up my purchase he mentioned that I looked familiar. We pinned down the spot our paths had crossed on board Zaandam a few years ago. Sailing on a Holland America Line ship is like coming home—I always run across crewmembers from past voyages. That makes me feel like ‘family.’

We're arriving in Hamburg, Germany now and it's an overcast, yet warm day to go ashore and explore.

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