Saturday, August 30, 2008

Gustav in the Caribbean

After damaging bridges and buildings and raising the fear of several deaths in Jamaica, reports in the wake of Hurricane Gustav are more encouraging from Grand Cayman, which suffered fallen trees and light poles and flooding, but otherwise appears to be in fair shape. It will be days before the damage assessment is complete, but clean-up has already begun as Gustav takes aim at the United States Gulf Coast.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas who are in harm's way. It feels almost unseemly that we are planning a pleasure trip while so many residents of New Orleans and coastal areas are evacuating ahead of the storm. And now we are watching the Bahamas and even Florida as Tropical Storm Hanna approaches.

To keep up with the tropical weather news, tune in your preferred television channel, check The National Hurricane Center for maps forecasting the storms' progress, and for cruise ship itinerary updates, Cruiseblogger has the latest reports for sailings affected by Hurricane Gustav, as well as Tropical Storm Hanna.

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