Monday, February 16, 2009

Product Alert: Cruising Caddy

So, you're hanging out at the pool or going ashore and want to have a bottle of water, your cruise ship key card, daily program, port map, iPod, and a cell phone or small camera with you. What do you put them in? A tote bag would work, but then you'd be searching through it when you need that key card to re-board the ship or buy a drink at the pool bar when the water bottle is empty.

Cruise Diva has found an ideal mini-tote with compartments to keep everything organized and handy. It's the Cruising Caddy and it holds up to a 1.5 liter bottle of water and all your essentials. The pleated outside pocket with Velcro closure has a hidden pocket for added security and a second pocket with elastic is large enough for a small digital camera. As a bonus, there's a bottle "sleeve" to keep your water chilled and absorb condensation. The 54" strap is adjustable and a D-ring is handy for hanging it on your belt loop.

My Cruise Caddy is black, but you can get it in khaki and red as well. Available from the Cruising Caddy website, fine luggage and many AAA stores, the black bag is $24.99 and the red and khaki bags are on sale for $19.99.

This really is a nifty little bag as I found out during my Costa Fortuna cruise last week. With its rubberized lining, even the condensation from my ice-cold bottle of water didn't leak through and get my port shopping map wet!

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