Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Stupid Cruiser "Mistake" or Intentional Crime?

Bermuda's Royal Gazette reports that George Koumoulis, a passenger on Norwegian Cruise Line's Norwegian Dawn admitted making what he said was a "stupid, stupid mistake" by possessing cannabis when the ship arrived at Heritage Wharf in Dockyard on last week.

Passengers aboard the ship, which had sailed from New York, complained they smelled the odor of cannabis (that would be marijuana, or weed, in case you wondered) coming from the room the 37-year-old financial analyst from Abingdon, Maryland shared with his brother. Cruise ship staff investigated and found Koumoulis, as well as his stash and rolling papers.

Bermudian Police were informed and Koumoulis admitted the drugs were his.The Bermuda government takes drug offenses seriously and the man was fined $1,500. He also missed the rest of his cruise back to New York. Not only was his a stupid mistake (although we consider it intentional), it was costly as well.


Cruises said...

most definitely an intentional crime, otherwise how else can he possess such high quantities. I am surprised he wasn't imprisoned

Linda Coffman, AKA Cruise Diva said...

Most definitely intentional. I think the crime was "intent to import" and he never actually took the weed ashore so they held him until the hearing and fined him. That's usually how they do it in Bermuda when they catch tourists with drugs. They just want to get rid of the offender. Personally, I think the fine should be higher.

Anonymous said...

Folks do not seem to realize that they are in international waters and subject to rules of the country they are visiting.
At one level it would be wise for travel agents and cruise companies to publish what you cannot bring on board.

Anonymous said...

How do you visit a country while in international waters?