Thursday, January 27, 2011

Nieuw Amsterdam at Sea

The day began like any other with a discussion of our planned activites over breakfast from room service. Mel would head for the gym and I had a few things to take care of before going to a cooking demonstration in the Culinary Arts Center. Very soon things began to fall apart when Mel returned to the cabin holding his hand in his bloody tee-shirt. He had experienced a close encounter with a heavy door and his finger was gashed in the process.

Our next stop was one that every passenger dreads—the Medical Center. When we entered Mel was immediately seen by the nurse who took his vital signs and asked some questions to get his history. Then the doctor, an E.R. specialist from Lake Tahoe, California, took over and discussed the options. Mel could have either a splint-type pressure bandage that would require keeping his hand out of water or three stitches covered by a regular band-aid. Mel opted for the stitches so he could go swimming and the doctor proceeded to sew up the cut.

We haven’t seen the bill yet—and didn’t ask if there would actually be one since it was an accident that happened on the ship. However, we carry travel medical insurance and it’s something that’s recommended for everyone. Seniors should note that their Medicare does not cover them outside the United States and, since most cruise ships are flagged in other countries, travel medical insurance is a necessity for just such situations as we encountered today.

The day isn’t a total loss, though. While Mel is resting up I’ll be able to catch the afternoon cooking presentation in Nieuw Amsterdam’s Culinary Arts Center.

UPDATE: Mel had the stitches removed from his finger before we disembarked at the end of our Nieuw Amsterdam cruise and there was no bill for his treatment. As a side note, Security followed up the incident in order to make the door safer.

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