Thursday, June 14, 2012

Organize Your Cruise Ship Bathroom

Every once in a while… to be honest—every time we take a cruise… the time comes for a “treasure hunt” in our cabin. There’s always some item that “hides” from us. Usually in plain sight, it’s often right where it’s been put. But let’s face it—unpacking is done in a hurry and often someone (that would be me) can’t remember where things were stashed.

“Have you seen my ____ (insert whatever it is I can’t find)?” is a common question in our cabin, particularly when it comes to small items like eye drops or lip balm. Most cruise ship bathrooms have adequate shelf storage for toiletries and other necessities, but small items have a tendency to be out of sight when mingled with larger bottles and tubes.

After unpacking on our recent Carnival Liberty cruise, I noted that the small shelf in the shower was perfectly adequate to hold a bar of soap as well as my travel size bottles of hair products and I really didn’t need to hang my Cruise/Travel Shower Caddy from Favors by Serendipity on the shower wall. You may recall seeing the caddy in Shower Essentials For Your Cruise last year here on the Cruise Diva Blog (and that’s it pictured here).

Get ready for my Genius Idea! Instead of using the Shower Caddy in the shower, I could hang it on the bathroom wall next to the vanity and put all my small items in its pockets. Fortunately, the walls in our Carnival Liberty bathroom were smooth. The suction cup hangers stuck all week long and didn’t leave a mark when removed. Had the walls been textured, I could have stuck my Shower Caddy hangers on the large mirror instead. Or, because the shelves were rimmed by a surrounding “rod” to keep items from falling off, I could have hung it on one of them by using the three Velcro straps.

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