Monday, December 1, 2014

A Journal For Cruise Memories

“Remember when?” is a question often asked, but which sometimes remains unanswered. Here at Cruise Diva headquarters we have stacks of albums that contain our travel photographs, but sometimes it’s difficult to remember where or when they were taken. Memories are fleeting, which is why I keep journals during all our cruises. By referring to them, I can come up with answers to “remember when” and other questions. In the past I’ve used wire-bound notebooks, but they always end up looking beat up after a while. In place of them, I’ve discovered a better way to preserve those cruise travel memories—a Quiver Cruise Journal designed specifically for that purpose. Years from now when I pull it off the bookshelf it will look just as elegant as it did when I used it to record what we saw and did at sea and in port.

Quiver, the company known for deluxe pen holders that keep your pen where you need it—attached to a notebook or iPad case—has introduced the Cruise Journal, with a specifically designed content and page layout for cruise travelers. Individual pages provide ample space to capture your thoughts and memories and every other page contains a travel quotation from authors, poets, philosophers, and pundits. My favorite is from Joseph Conrad, “I dare say I am unconsciously compelled, now to write volume after volume, as in past years I was compelled to go to sea, voyage after voyage.”

The 6x8-inch Cruise Journal has a debossed pearlescent hard cover, smythe-sewn binding, elastic place marker, full-color interior page layouts on high quality paper, and an expandable inner back pocket to store receipts and ticket stubs you might collect on the journey. The journal also contains suggestions about how to use its pre-printed pages; pre-trip things-to-do and packing tips; natural sea sickness remedies; temperature and metric conversion charts; an international shopping size conversion chart; cruise industry stats and fun facts; foreign phrase translations; travel numbers; and more. There is even an address book section to enter contact information for new friends made along the way.

The hand-crafted, 100% leather Quiver pen holder (as pictured above) ensures that your favorite pen is always, ‘write where it should be’ when you are using your Cruise Journal. Quiver pen holders are known worldwide for their quality and unique styling.

A Quiver Cruise Journal would be the ideal travel companion for anyone on your Christmas gift list who is planning an upcoming cruise.

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