Wednesday, August 29, 2007

5 Signs That We're Going on The Elvis Cruise

Yes, we're almost ready for the drive to Jacksonville where we'll board Carnival Cruise Line's Celebration on Aug. 30th for four fun nights on The Elvis Cruise. How has preparing for this cruise been different? These are some signs...
  • Lunches have consisted of a peanut butter and banana sandwich every day for the past week
  • The car radio is tuned to the All Elvis channel
  • I shopped for Blue Suede Shoes
  • My iPod is loaded with Elvis' greatest hits
  • Celebration is now referred to as "Graceland South"

Follow along as I share the activities and entertainment on The Elvis Cruise. With luck, and a good computer connection at sea, I'll be posting updates as they happen.

UPDATE: Read more Memories of The Elvis Cruise

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