Monday, November 12, 2007

Carnival Freedom: Embarkation Day

Some embarkations are easier than others. Here in Miami, Carnival's new terminal is the picture of efficiency. Three of four security scanners were open today and the process was swift. Be prepared with your identification and ticket and to send your laptop through the x-ray machine just as if you were in an airport. After reaching the second level, there are 50 check-in stations and little or no waiting, depending on how busy it is when you arrive. Up one more set of escalators, smile for your embarkation photo and you're almost on board.

Something that surprised--and delighted--us was assistance to our stateroom. We had several carry-on bags and a steward with a luggage cart relieved us of our stuff in the lobby and took it all right to our cabin. All-in-all, this has been the most carefree embarkation we can recall. We've had lunch in the casual buffet Freedom Restaurant, our luggage is unpacked, and the fun has begun.

At sailaway, a first from Miami for Carnival Freedom, we traded repeated salutes with Carnival Fascination. We're on our way!

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