Sunday, January 6, 2008

Teen Visits Dawn Princess to Thank Those Who Saved her Life

SAN DIEGO (Jan 6, 2008) – While it didn't look like she'd make the meet-up, 14-year-old Laura Montero, the teen who was successfully airlifted off Dawn Princess for an emergency appendectomy last month, was released from the hospital in time to greet the Captains and Crews of Dawn Princess and the USS Ronald Reagan who helped save her life.

In a special ceremony hosted aboard Dawn Princess, Captain Fortezze was honored to welcome Montero back on board and meet in person for the first time the Captain and crew of the USS Ronald Reagan who came to her aid when she required emergency surgery. Pictured above, the teen presents Dawn Princess Captain Marco Fortezze (left) and USS Ronald Reagan Captain Terry Kraft (right) with notes of thanks she wrote while recovering in the hospital.

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