Monday, September 14, 2009

Westerdam to Alaska: Sharing “Bert’s Beauty Shots”

Bert van Mackelenbergh is a man on the move with a camera. After leaving his native Holland and settling in Aruba, he was intrigued by the cruise ships that came and went to the island so he applied for a job with Holland America Line. Moving his way up the ranks for the past nine years, Bert presently serves as Hotel Manager aboard Westerdam and spends his free time pursuing his passion for nature photography. He loves the outdoors and animals and Alaska is his favorite place to photograph both.

While Westerdam was in Ketchikan last week, Bert took a floatplane and hiking tour where he encountered a bear and shot him (with his Canon) from about 15 feet away. To get the perfect picture of an eagle, Bert chartered a boat and spent five hours waiting patiently. He took 1000 photos that day. When the glaciers calved in Glacier Bay last week, Bert said he was in the right place at the right time. He's been known to glance out his office window, grab his camera, and head for Westerdam’s open decks.

Some of his “Beauty Shots” are taken right on the pier, as the day he photographed flowers when Westerdam was docked in Juneau. He recommends a whale watching tour from Juneau for maximum nature photo opportunities.

There’s beauty all around us and Bert van Mackelenbergh sees it and shares it in very special photos. Use the links above to view his enthusiasm for flowers, animals, and natural wonders.

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Magnificent pictures.