Friday, September 11, 2009

Westerdam to Alaska: Tracy Arm Fjord

Oops, what happened to Sitka? We’ve had good news and bad news aboard Westerdam.

First, the bad news. Before leaving Juneau yesterday, Captain Henk Keijer made the announcement that due to the weather forecast of hurricane force winds and rough seas we would be unable to call at Sitka today as planned. Sitka is a tender port and it would simply be too dangerous for the ship and passengers.

Instead, the good news. We sailed in the calmer Inside Passage to Tracy Arm Fjord and enjoyed scenic cruising from early morning until mid-afternoon. Even on a rainy day with low clouds, the scenery is stunning. Waterfalls rushing down the cliffs created a symphony of sights and sounds that more than made up for the missed port call.

And, just in case anyone on board is unhappy, they will receive a complimentary glass of wine or champagne at dinner. A nice touch from our Hotel Manager and Captain.

Tracy Arm was an unexpected pleasure and we still have Ketchikan to look forward to tomorrow.

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