Sunday, May 16, 2010

Malt Shop Memories Cruise: Cozumel

What would a cruise be without a port of call? Our floating malt shop arrived in Cozumel early as Carnival Inspiration docked at the Puerta Maya pier. While it’s more convenient to dock downtown, even those of us who chose to shop and have refreshments beneath the shade of a palm tree in the port area weren’t cheated. Panchos Backyard is still my favorite spot to relax and enjoy the breeze.

Once back on board and underway, the Malt Shop Memories Cruise shows and other activities were in full swing as it was “Prom Night” on board. Our fellow passengers have really gotten into the theme and, like yesterday when poodle skirts were the fashion statement to make, many are dressed for the prom as well. I can only wish that my prom dresses from 1960-something still fit.

Little Anthony and the Imperials performed for our reserved show last night and what can I say? It’s not often that artists get a standing ovation just for walking on stage. They really rocked the boat and had everyone singing along with “Tears on My Pillow” and left the stage to another standing ovation.

Another performer who is stealing hearts on board is Gino Monopoli, whose appearances in the atrium and promenade are drawing nightly crowds—he looks and sounds so much like a young Elvis that I’d almost swear the King is back.

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