Monday, May 10, 2010

Packing For The Malt Shop Memories Cruise

By now you'd think packing would be second nature to me. You'd be wrong. I do have a personal packing system, which largely centers around Hefty One-Zip "Big Bags" (pictured here). When filled with folded garments and partially zipped, the air can be squeezed out to make them flat and fairly compact. They fit perfectly in a 26" suitcase. The garments remain wrinkle free because they aren't slipping around inside the suitcase and if it rains and the suitcase gets wet, the clothing stays dry. Simple, huh?

Not so fast... I'm packing for the Malt Shop Memories cruise this week and there are a few themed events for which special clothing is suggested. There's a beach party, sock hop, and prom night. While dressing in themed attire isn't mandatory, it's more fun if everyone participates. And it should be a kick to see what our fellow passengers come up with. For me, the beach party is no problem (bathing suit and cover-up) and the prom is easy with a filmy skirt and camisole, but what the heck did I do with my poodle skirt and crinolines?!? No matter. I have capris, bobby socks, and Keds. I'm all set.

Take a peek at what's in store when the Malt Shop Memories cruise sets sail this Thursday, May 13th from Tampa on the Carnival Inspiration.

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