Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Art & Soul of a Cunard Liner: Queen Elizabeth

Welcome aboard for an exclusive Cruise Diva profile of Cunard Line's newest regal vessel, the third liner in Cunard Line's 170-year history to bear the name Queen Elizabeth.

We hope you enjoy your illustrated "virtual" tour as much as we enjoyed spending time on board in Southampton for the naming events.

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Anonymous said...

Great Review.
Am I to understand that Cunard builds ships worthy of the name that can meet a schedule on any ocean regardless of sea state or prevailing winds while cruise ships defy the laws of naval architecture and common sense and must seek shelter when encountering anything more than a fresh breeze?

Cunard caters to sophisticated travelers who are content to spend four or more days sailing between adventures. They require more than three hots and a bunk and they get it. Cruise ships cater to tourists or just plain vacationers. Big difference.