Monday, February 14, 2011

Making Cruise Memories At Sea

Cruise Diva's friend and writing colleague Georgina Cruz says, “Making memories at sea, to carry with me always, is a priority for me whenever I sail. I want to remember a special meal, activities and other aspects of life onboard, places I visited–I want to remember it all so I can place it on a prominent shelf of my mind to enjoy it at will whenever the mood strikes and to own it forever. Photos are nice, of course–and I take them–but the best, most portable album is in our own minds. With plenty of good memories, I can re-live the voyage wherever and whenever I wish, and go on it again countless of times, for as an old Spanish saying proclaims, To remember is to live anew.”

Georgina has a strategy to make and save memories at sea that she employs whenever she sails and generously shares her successful approach to Making Memories at Sea. We hope you will give them a try.

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