Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Carnival’s Port Canaveral Embarkation Team Earns Top Honors

Most passengers encounter cruise line employees for the first time when they arrive at their embarkation port and those employees are the ones who make an all-importantand hospitablefirst impression. If you have with Carnival Cruise Lines from Port Canaveral in the past year you were likely to have met the best of their best shoreside personnel. To illustrate how consistently dedicated Carnival’s staff in Port Canaveral is, they have once again earned top honors in the company’s annual guest comment card survey, which ranks embarkation personnel from the lines’ 11 year-round homeports in a variety of service- and process-related categories. This is the sixth time that Carnival’s Port Canaveral team has earned the award in the past 13 years. The 135-member team was recognized for their outstanding professionalism, enthusiasm, and friendliness while assisting guests embarking on the two Carnival ships that presently sail from Port Canaveral year-round.

Carnival is the largest cruise operator from Port Canaveral, with the 2,052-passenger Carnival Sensation offering 3- and 4-day Bahamas cruises and the 3,646-passenger Carnival Dream sailing 7-day Caribbean departures. In November, Carnival will increase their presence by adding a third ship, the 2,052-passsenger Carnival Ecstasy, which will offer 4- and 5-day Bahamas cruises year-round. With these three ships, Carnival will carry an estimated 600,000 passengers annually from Port Canaveralthe most of any cruise line.

“The dedication to service from Carnival’s embarkation team and the port’s operations staff again proves to be a winning combination,” said Stan Payne, CEO, Port Canaveral. “From the time of arrival in our parking lots to their departure post-cruise, passengers benefit from the joint efforts of the team of professionals at Port Canaveral working to provide a quality vacation experience from start to finish. We are excited to be the Port of the Year for this honor.”

In recognition of their achievement, the Canaveral Port Authority hosted a celebratory breakfast for Port Canaveral embarkation team members, Carnival Sensation personnel, and the port’s operation staff last week inside Cruise Terminal 5. Later this month, the Port Canaveral embarkation team will enjoy a reception and dinner compliments of Carnival at a local restaurant, during which they will be presented with a plaque to display in their offices.


Galapagos Luxury Cruise said...

Getting such an honor is really prestigious. Any appreciation is motivating for the staff.

Galapagos Islands Cruises said...

Many congratulation!!!!

Galapagos Cruises said...

Thats really a good news. What could be better than getting recognition for your good work. Congratulations.

Staff said...

cruises from Canaveral here on the Space Coast in Florida is so exciting! We have gotten two new ships in the past several months added to the fleet.
My wife and I hang out at one of the bars overlooking the port to watch them pull out of dock, there is so much to do before you head out on one of the cruises! So get there early!

Call me Mimi said...

We left on DREAM June 25, 2011 and experienced this first hand. Congratulations,their team is all that and more.

Call me Mimi said...

We left on DREAM June 25, 2011 and experienced this first hand. Congratulations,their team is all that and more.