Friday, April 22, 2011

Grand Princess: No More "Shopping Cart"

Quite possibly the most significant transformation of any cruise ship ever started on April 12th when Princess Cruises' Grand Princess entered a 24-day intensive drydock to change her profile inside and out. Yesterday, workers removed Skywalkers Disco, the "spoiler" that offered views over the ship's stern, and the video below offers a first glimpse of her sleeker profile.


The newly renovated Grand Princess will debut on May 5th in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida where she will subsequently depart on a transatlantic crossing for her summer and fall homeport of Southampton. From there, she will cruise on a variety of European itineraries. Happily, Europeans will no longer be able to call her the "shopping cart" ship.

Hosted by Grand Princess Cruise Director Martyn Moss, videos, as well as photos of the entire drydock process, are available at the Princess Cruises web site and on YouTube.


Anonymous said...

All they removed was the handle. Still looks like the south end of a north bound chicken.

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