Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cruise News: Post-Fire Continuing Events Surrounding Costa Allegra

Costa Allegra Updates From Costa Crociere
Wednesday, February 29th 2012

Time 5.30 pm (CET)
Members of Costa Cruises’ Care Team have reached and boarded Costa Allegra. Team members met with guests to assess their needs upon disembarkation.

So far, 376 guests out of 627 have accepted Costa Cruises’ proposal to continue their vacation in Seychelles. They will be accommodated at Costa Cruises’ expense, in high-quality hotels on the following islands: Praslin, La Digue, Silhouette and Cerfs.

Costa Cruises also will arrange homeward flights at the end of their vacation. The remaining 251 guests decided to return to their homes on flights arranged by Costa Cruises, departing Mahé Thursday evening, March 1.

Time 11.30 am (CET)
Following the latest contact with Costa Allegra—currently under tow to Mahé, Seychelles—Costa Cruises reports that the situation on board is stable and weather conditions are good.

Arrival time of the ship at Mahé on Thursday, March 1, is subject to change according to speed and sea weather conditions. Currently, arrival is expected at 9 a.m. Seychelles time (1 a.m. ET). Costa is constantly updating authorities involved in the operation following each contact with the ship.

Within the next few hours Costa’s "Care Team" will reach the ship, and team members will immediately begin working to achieve repatriation of all guests. At the same time, members of "Care Team" based on the island are organizing hospitality services for guests and arranging air charter transfers.

Costa has optioned more than 600 airline seats to facilitate guest travel and more than 400 hotel rooms have been reserved for guests’ accommodations needs.

On board soft drinks and cold foods such as fruits, cold cuts and cheeses are being served. Mineral water is provided for personal hygiene needs. Fresh bread is delivered daily via helicopter.

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