Sunday, April 22, 2012

And The "Crystal Award" for Innovative Ship Design Goes To... Crystal Cruises

When Crystal Cruises unveiled Crystal Serenity's $25 million redesign last year, it wasn't only her guests who offered accolades. The design world took notice as well. The ship's renovated Apropos boutique—a retail space for designer clothing and accessories—has won the prestigious Association for Retail Environments (A.R.E.) interior design "Crystal Award" for the shop's distinctive and dramatic aluminum interlocking circle screen. The design won the first-ever Wall Treatment Award in the new, Individual Element category for 2012.

"Due to marine requirements, we have more design restrictions than a space on land, so this is a huge honor for a cruise ship to have won," says Alexandra Don, Crystal's vice president hotel services and design. "Awards like this simply validate what we and our guests already know: that our ships are the ultimate of chic, anywhere on the globe."

Designed by II BY IV Design Associates, the walls of highly polished, thick aluminum, interlocking circles serve as separators for flanking vignettes within the boutique (pictured above). The design was inspired by antique nautical instruments and globe stands, with the reflective piece complementing the high-gloss fascia, wood veneer, and glass-and-mirror wall treatments surrounding them. All fixtures had to be securely bolted to fit marine building codes, yet maintain a graceful, slender appearance—a unique challenge for retail spaces at sea.

Crystal Serenity's sister ship, Crystal Symphony, will undergo her own renovations this June, completing a five-year plan to redesign all of the ship's public and private rooms.

Image Courtesy of Crystal Cruises


Unknown said...

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John said...

What a great honor, congratulations to Crystal Cruises for winning that award, and how funny that it should win an award with it's own name in it, how fitting! Thanks for the post