Saturday, April 28, 2012

Meet The Guy Behind Carnival Cruise Lines’ Burger Joint

With a cruise on Carnival Cruise Lines’ Carnival Liberty coming up, I did a bit of pre-sailing “research” on the Food Network when they recently aired the show Guy’s Big Bite starring culinary rock star Guy Fieri.

Guy is, of course, the guy behind Guy’s Burger Joint, one of the new features on board Carnival Liberty that was introduced last fall as part of the Fun Ship 2.0 Initiative. In the “Kids, Eat With Your Hands” episode, Fieri demonstrated step-by-step how he creates a Straight-Up with a Pig Patty Burger.

Now, you might be wondering if I’m going to wait to order one on Carnival Liberty or if I tried recreating the burger topped with a bacon patty and sauces myself at home. I do a few things well in the kitchen—brewing coffee and loading the dishwasher are my noteworthy skills—but my cooking prowess is limited to more basic dishes and I admit that Fieri’s complex burger creation is a bit of a stretch.

However, I made a batch of the Donkey Sauce that accompanies the Straight-Up with a Pig Patty Burger and served it with meatloaf topped with melted cheese. I know, I know… that’s not really much of an accomplishment, but Mel and I enjoyed the simple-to-prepare sauce that includes ingredients most of us have on hand, and we’re looking forward to sampling the real thing.

If you’re more at home in the kitchen and you’d like to give it a try, here’s the entire recipe, including both “secret” sauces, and detailed instructions.

Image Courtesy of Carnival Cruise Lines


Unknown said...

Guy Rocks! I am slightly disappointed that my next CCL cruise is on Valor in June and is not 2.0 yet. Enjoy your posts!

Chip Q.

Linda Coffman, AKA Cruise Diva said...

Yes, he does!