Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Carnival Corporation to Reimburse Federal Government

How often do we hear about any number of incidents when people find themselves in trouble and in need of rescue? Stop and think about it and you'll realize it happens all the time. Mountain climbers get stranded, skiers are caught in avalanches, and small children go missing in national parks. State and federal authorities come to their aid with no thought of being compensated for their time and effort. So, why should things be different at sea? Apparently some members of the United States Congress seem to think they are, and have made a big stink about the cost of federal assistance to Carnival Cruise Lines' ships.

In response to negative publicity, we have received this statement: "Carnival Corporation is in the process of voluntarily submitting payment to the U.S. Treasury Department to reimburse the federal government for costs related to the Carnival Triumph and Splendor incidents. It should be clearly noted that at no point in time has Carnival stated it would refuse to reimburse federal agencies if they sought remuneration. Although no agencies have requested remuneration, the company has made the decision to voluntarily provide reimbursement to the federal government."

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