Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hit the Beach with a Shark Pack

Mako $24.95
What’s a day at the beach without water? Or sand? You’d probably call the lack of those elements “a day at work,” but you’re on a cruise so there will be opportunities to live the beach lifestyle.

Before heading off your cruise ship for a fun day of frolicking on a Caribbean beach, you have a few things to think about. No doubt you’ll want to enjoy the water—possibly snorkeling, kayaking, or riding a jet ski. You want to share the enjoyment as a family, in a group, or with your significant other.

But you have belongings to worry about if you all hop into the surf together. Unless someone stays behind to keep an eye on everything, your valuables are a tempting target for thievery. And no one wants to be left behind while everyone else is having fun.

Some beaches have facilities with lockers to rent for the day, but most don’t so you’ll want to keep those necessities you brought along safe—your wallet, cash, credit cards, ship keycard, and small camera or cell phone.

Great White $19.99
You can hit the beach and enjoy the water without a concern by stowing those things in a Shark Pack. These ingenious waterproof and sand proof packs allow you to safely keep your belongings with you, even while in the water. Each of the packs shown here can be attached to an included lanyard for hands-free convenience. The Great White cell phone wallet can be inflated to provide flotation in the water and the Mako wallet floats and can also be used with an arm wrap to keep it out of the way and securely attached to your upper arm.

While I haven’t used these at the beach yet, I did submerse them in the bathtub and both performed as described. The seal bar at the top is engaged with two wheels that turn to open and close. I found them stiff and somewhat difficult to operate upon my first attempt, but got used to them quickly. That’s what keeps out the water and sand, though, and they are designed that way.

My son, who is into kayaking, is looking forward to borrowing the Mako wallet for his next excursion and I feel confident that it will serve him well.

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