Monday, September 9, 2013

Win a Princess Cruises Relaxation Package

Recently, Princess Cruises asked 1,000 adults across the U.S. about their relaxation styles and we share some of their noteworthy findings below. In addition to their polling, they would like to hear from you – the readers of Cruise Diva's Blog. How do you relax? What is your relaxation style? Maybe you have a fantasy relaxation wish. Share it by leaving your most relaxing comments here on the Cruise Diva Blog and you could be a winner.

Each comment will enter you in our Princess Cruises Relaxation Pack giveaway. Enter as often as you like. The contest will last through Monday, September 16, at which time all entries will go into a hat and the winner will be chosen at random. The more you comment, the better your chance of winning. The Princess Cruises Relaxation Pack (pictured above) is chock full of relaxation-inducing goodies, including: embroidered bath robe, bath slippers, body wash, body lotion, sugar scrub, candle, and more!

Before we begin relaxing, there are a few bits of busywork to mention. Comments should not be "anonymous" – your comment will only be considered an entry if you use your name or a screen name by which you can easily be identified. The winner will be announced here and on Facebook and Twitter on September 18. At that time, the winner will have to contact me by email with their name and address to claim their prize. Easy!

Relaxation Survey Results
· Silence or Sensory Delight? – More than a third of respondents consider themselves as "sensory relaxers," who like to recharge by soaking up the sights and sounds of events and activities around them, such as sporting events, movies or beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Whereas, another third of respondents consider themselves as "silent relaxers," who prefer quiet spaces, ceased conversations, and losing themselves in books or the soothing sounds of nature.

· Tried and True or New? – More than half (64%) of respondents prefer somewhere new when choosing a relaxing vacation, compared to only a third (36%) who prefer a tried and true destination.

· Relaxation Setting? – The most popular type of scenery found to be most relaxing when on vacation is ocean and waves (59%). Mountain scenery came in second (20%), followed by sunrises and sunsets (17%). 
· Play it by Ear? – Respondents were evenly split when asked if pre-planning every vacation activity (52%) or being completely spontaneous (48%) produced a more relaxing experience when planning a vacation.

· To Cook or Clean? – More than two-thirds (67%) of respondents agreed that having someone else cook for them was the most relaxing way to enjoy a meal on vacation.
Looking for vacation inspiration or just want to escape from work for a minute? Check out this Princess Cruises Relaxation Minute video for a momentary relax-cation! Then leave your comment below to enter the Relaxation Package Giveawy.

To learn more about Princess Cruises, visit their web site and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

*Survey findings are based on an online poll among 1,000 U.S. adults ages 18 and up, 
conducted July 29 – July 31, 2013, by ORC International.


Anonymous said...

Ah, nothing like the ocean and a frozen adult beverage for the ultimate relaxation!

Linda Coffman, AKA Cruise Diva said...

Thank you for your comment, Anonymous. According to our contest rules, you must comment by using your name or a screen name that can be identified when we pick a winner.

Please feel free to leave another comment!

Best of luck, Linda

Karen said...

Just a quiet place, a little nook, on a ship is my ultimate dream of relaxation. A spot to read or to people-watch or to sketch - Nirvana!

Nancy Nelson said...

I love to 'escape completely' with Princess Cruises!

Samantha said...

The ultimate relaxation method for me would be sitting or laying under a willow tree. No electronics, no books, just getting lost thinking about my hopes and dreams for my family.

Joyce Rachelson said...

A good book, a glass of wine and a nice, hot bubble bath. Princess, take me away.

SDugan said...

Just going away to a place where I have to turn off my phone and no one from the office can get a hold of me. After that it doesn't matter what happens. I am on vacation and nothing can take that away. I don't get upset if I am behind someone slow or a person cuts in front of me in line. Just go with it and remember you aren't at work.

Unknown said...

Relaxing with morning coffee & reading a escapist book whip the sun rises or sets on our terrace. Work, stress and lifes tensions melt away. :)

Unknown said...
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Sharilyn said...

A day to read a book curled up on a chair under an umbrella next to a pool.

Chrissy G said...

I like to sit near the pool/beach and read a romance novel with a cocktail nearby.

vivaciousgold said...

i love to unwind with a hot or cold cappuccino and cartoons. i know I am still a kid at heart but then i take a short nap.