Thursday, October 31, 2013

Designing the Royal Princess

When Princess Cruises executives set to work on designing a brand-new class of ships their focus is on their passengers’ interests. In terms of new features, they reach out to their loyal passengers to learn what is most important to them. Aboard Royal Princess this can be seen in several areas—particularly in an expanded Lotus Spa with its Enclave, a thermal suite so popular that weekly passes sell out and day passes are not available; the adults-only Retreat pool and Sanctuary with private cabanas; the Horizon Court buffet with “action” stations instead of long lines and servers offering tableside beverage service; and an enlarged Piazza, the atrium that is surrounded by lounges, bars, shops, and casual dining venues (pictured above).

With the trend toward more meaningful travel experiences, Princess strives to enrich their passengers’ lives by offering in-depth experiences. The range of ship sizes in the fleet adds itinerary flexibility and even Royal Princess, the largest Princess ship to date—can potentially visit every port that is most important to the line.

While on board Royal Princess, we found a lot to like. Nothing struck us as revolutionary and that was part of the Princess Cruises plan. Royal Princess is an evolution in design and all passengers—not only those who are returning to the line, but those who are new to Princess—will find intimate spaces on a human scale and a lot to like.

As we enjoyed lunch in the International Café on the lowest level of the stunning Piazza we remarked that not only is it bright and airy, but it is also one of the most beautiful and inviting spots at sea.

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