Friday, December 6, 2013

Holiday Gifts For Cruisers

It's that time of year again with Holiday gift-giving just around the corner. Here at Cruise Diva headquarters we're acting as Santa's little helpers with some suggestions for gifts for cruisers. Since the malls are full of shoppers with long lines and difficulty finding parking, we've been browsing the products offered online and think we have some winners.

You might recognize the suggested gift pictured here on the left. That's a Cruise Luggage Tag Holderfrom Favors by Serendipity, available at in sets of eight or four. Cruise Luggage Tag Holders go the distance with no need to reinforce or laminate your printed luggage tags. The grommet at the top makes them even sturdier and longer lasting. Each tag includes a 6 1/2" vinyl loop for attaching to the luggage handle. Just print, fold the tag according to the instructions, put in a holder, attach to your luggage handles and then relax. Serving as a dual purpose luggage tag, insert your itinerary when flying and replace with your cruise luggage tag before getting on the ship. Now that most cruise lines have gone green and are having their passengers print out their own luggage tags, we love these luggage tag holders because they are reusable. Cruise Diva's have been used more than a dozen times are still look like new.

Another favorite from Favors by Serendipity, also offered by, is the Travel Shower Caddy at right. It's unique because it is perfectly sized for cruise ship showers, whether you bring your own travel size products, or use theirs. It's custom designed for travel size products, lightweight, and flat so it doesn't take up room in your suitcase (or the shower). As you can see by the photo, Cruise Diva also finds hers useful for small items that can get "lost" among larger bottles on the bathroom shelf. The Travel Shower Caddy comes with suction cups to attach it to the shower wall and also has Velcro straps for hanging it to bars on shower or bathroom shelves. I even use it at home by attaching the suction cups to my bathroom mirror. It's really an all purpose gift that your cruising friends and family will find useful all year-round.

We also turn to for another shipboard favorite—the water resistant Money & ID Holder at left. It has all the convenience of a lanyard and doesn't require punching a hole in your keycard. It comes sized in a 28" length for Womenand in a 34" length for menand is an ideal backup in the event your purse or wallet is stolen or lost. You can wear it outside clothing to exhibit an ID/keycard or under outer clothing when more security is needed, such as when going ashore. It's water and moisture resistant, but not designed for swimming. When in our cabin, we find hanging up our ID holders on a hook keeps them handy and we are less likely to lose track of them. For the really forgetful, they can be hung on the cabin's inside doorknob so you never forget your keycard when leaving the room.

And finally, we'd like to recommend our cruise and travel related Fodor's guidebooks listed in the column to the right. With material written by Linda Coffman, AKA the Cruise Diva, we hope they will add to your knowledge about cruising and assist you with decision-making before your next cruise vacation.

Happy shopping and happy holidays!


NY Dinner Cruises said...

Those were really useful things a cruiser always need sooner or later. I've been looking for gifting my neighbor as she's been to a cruise in south next week. Now I have an idea what would be best for her. Thnks for the recommendations

Linda Coffman, AKA Cruise Diva said...

You're welcome!