Tuesday, February 25, 2014

MSC Divina at Sea

Aqua Park Pool
People go to sea for a variety of reasons. Aboard cruise ships you find people at work and people at play. Those who are working aboard MSC Divina are really working hard to make the passengers’ playtime satisfying.

Sea days are quite naturally a time for passengers to relax and do whatever they enjoy the most. MSC Divina has three pools and several decks devoted to watery pursuits and sunbathing. With a large screen for movies and other programming located at one end and whirlpools at the other, the centrally located Aqua Park pool on Deck 14 is an ideal family fun area near the buffet and pool bars for snacks and beverages. Outfitted with waterfalls and jets, the adult pool is surrounded by a shallow pool designed for children.

Further forward is Le Sirene, a two deck solarium-style area with a pool and whirlpools on one deck and seating and game tables (table tennis, foosball) one deck higher, all of which can be covered by a sliding roof magrodome in case of inclement weather.

Le Sirene
Move up to Deck 15 and head aft past the water slide for the young set and the sports arena (located yet another deck above) and you’ll find the infinity-style Piscina pool with its own Zen area and bar—ideal for adults, but you’ll find youngsters there as well. Nearby are even more whirlpools. Altogether there are nine whirlpools available to everyone.

For the ultimate relaxation, there’s the Aurea Spa with a full menu of soothing treatments. On the other hand, for gym rats the fitness center is fully equipped to help burn off the calories found in the best pizza at sea.

If organized activities are high on your agenda, MSC Divina’s entertainment staff has that covered as well with crafts classes, trivia, dance lessons, Italian language classes, sports challenges, Bingo, and other games.

Or you could curl up on a comfy sofa in one of the lounges and immerse yourself in a good book. There’s a lot to like about a sea day on MSC Divina.

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