Monday, August 4, 2014

Go “Hands-Free” on Your Cruise

There was a time—about 25 years ago—when going “hands-free” while on a cruise ship or a tour ashore meant wearing a bulky belt bag, more commonly called a fanny pack. I remember those days well and even still have one of them that I ‘earned’ on a Royal Caribbean cruise while participating in the Ship Shape fitness program. But, let’s face it, those fanny packs are so clunky and so 90s. The only people you see wearing them these days are (ahem) geezers.

How then to carry your necessities on a cruise ship without being weighted down with a tote bag? Your key card could be carried on a lanyard, but that looks rather childish, like when mom made you keep your house key on a chain around your neck.

Leave it to the Cruise Diva to find you something better—and very girly. It’s the hipS-sister® and it’s perfect for those of us who want our hands free for other tasks, like taking photos and selecting food items from the buffet. No more do we have to juggle a bag containing our things while wearing a hipS-sister!

This ingenious product slips over your hips and has pockets—a zippered pocket in back and two in front, one that is zippered and the other is an open ‘secret’ pocket. The pockets are sized to fit a cell phone and just about any other small items you want at hand, like a keycard, lipstick, iPod, some cash, or small camera. Snug and stylish, the hipS-sister looks like a chic sash when worn over slim pants and a tee-shirt as illustrated above. When going ashore, you can wear it under a roomier top for total security—even your passport will fit in a pocket of the Global Sister style if you need to carry it.

Created by Sonia Kanner, the hipS-sister was based upon the concept of the dreaded fanny pack. Sonia’s goal was to create a fashionable and functional alternative option. While on a hike with her friends, she was frustrated because they were all holding their precious iPhones in one hand and car keys in the other. She said out loud, “there has to be something out there to hold all this stuff, that is cute and flattering.” Sonia then spent hours on the computer and found nothing that she would buy until thinking, “A simple piece of fabric with pockets! A-ha, I knew I was on to something. What started as one basic ‘left coast’ design has now turned into a fashion frenzy.”

Mine is basic black, but the hipS-sister comes in a wide range of colors, fabrics, and sizes for a perfect fit. To find out more and to order yours, visit hipS-sister online.

I hope you’ll love it as much as I do!

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There was nothing wrong with the '90s.