Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Enjoy an “Isaac” at Home & on Princess Cruises

He was your favorite bartender on television and now you can enjoy one of his “Isaac” cocktails at home as well as at sea. Princess Cruises, famous as the backdrop of the iconic Love Boat television series, debuted a new cocktail to sweeten your celebrations on the high seas. Original Love Boat cast member Ted Lange, who played Isaac the bartender, created the amorous concoction, drawing inspiration from his character’s signature grin-and-point move and bright red jacket. The new drink debuted on all Princess cruise ships in time for Valentine’s Day, but any day would be a good time to enjoy it.

Fittingly called, “The Isaac,” the refreshing love potion includes white rum – a nod to Lange’s favorite cruise destination, the Caribbean; pomegranate syrup – channeling the famous red jacket his character wore and also an aphrodisiac; two pineapple leaves as garnish – tribute to his character’s two-finger signature point; lime juice; and club soda, to add some sparkle.

Lange recently visited Crown Princess to demonstrate how to make his new creation for the ship’s bartenders and here’s a video of his lighthearted demonstration. You don’t need to grab a pencil to jot down the ingredients, the instructions are below.

“Most people don’t know that while I was serving up drinks on the Love Boat, I also became a licensed bartender in real life,” said Lange. “If a bartender recognizes me, he or she always wants me to try their special drink. Now, I’m excited for everyone to try my special drink and I know they are going to love it. Like the song says, “come aboard, the Isaac’s waiting for you!”

To mix up “The Isaac” at home, here’s the cocktail recipe:

2 oz white rum
2 oz pomegranate syrup
½ oz fresh lime juice
splash of club soda
lime slice(s)
2 pineapple leaf spears

Preparation: Fill a highball glass with 2/3 ice or desired amount of ice. Into a cocktail shaker, add ice, white rum, pomegranate syrup and lime juice. Shake and strain into highball glass, filling just to the top of the ice. Top off with club soda and garnish with a fresh lime slice and two pineapple spears.

Image & Video Courtesy Princess Cruises

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