Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Have You Discovered Your "CRUISE-A-NALITY"?

If you used Carnival Corporation's unique "CRUISE-A-NALITY" tool to determine what type of cruise vacation and brand experience is right for you—then you were one of nearly a quarter of a million who did.

Of the thousands of people who completed the "CRUISE-A-NALITY" quiz, a total of 65 percent were women. Additionally, when combining both male and female respondents, nearly 40 percent of consumers who completed the quiz qualified as a "Captain Spontaneous" (male) or "The Free Spirit" (female) cruise personality—meaning they are up for whatever experience is thrown their way and always looking for a good time. The results were based on a six personality-focused questions that generate a cruise "persona" for all types of travelers.

The "CRUISE-A-NALITY" tool, available on Carnival Corporation's World's Leading Cruise Lines website, combines onboard experience-based questions with destination-based questions to provide cruise brand recommendations for each participant. For instance, if a male answered questions about what kind of onboard experience he was looking for that led him to the "Captain Spontaneous" persona and chose that he is looking for a tropical getaway, he might be provided with recommendations to travel on the company's Carnival Cruise Line, Princess Cruises, or Costa Cruises brands.

"The CRUISE-A-NALITY tool is a fun way for travelers to look for the cruise vacation experience that is best for them," said Ken Jones, vice president of group marketing and insights for Carnival Corporation. "It is easy to do, and it is helping our current and potential guests get a better understanding of their cruise personas. The more we can help get the right people on the right ship for the right occasion, the more we are able to ensure we exceed guest expectations. And of course, we always encourage our guests to work with their travel agent, who can provide excellent insight into how to make the most of a cruise vacation."

The quiz has been an engaging tool for consumers, with people spending on average more than two and a half minutes on the site per visit. When that amount of time is combined with the more than 200,000 visits to the tool, it accounts for 445 days, or more than a year of time, exploring their cruise personality. When taking the quiz, there are 30 possible "CRUISE-A-NALITY" personas available. Find yours at World's Leading Cruise Lines.

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