Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Discover MSC Meraviglia

While she won't launch until June 2017, get ready to "virtually" explore MSC Meraviglia.

MSC Meraviglia will offer a world of choice, with everything that you might look for in a cruise vacation, both on board and onshore.
• At 1033 feet long and 213 feet tall, with 19 decks and capacity of 4,500 guests (double occupancy) MSC Meraviglia will be one of the biggest cruise ships at sea.
• In addition to exclusive Cirque du Soleil shows, MSC Meraviglia features a second 10,765 sq. ft. theater venue offering six different shows per cruise. With three showings per day, guests will be provided with additional options in a variety of world-class productions.
• One of the highlights on the Promenade will be pre-dinner parades. Providing a taster of the evening’s entertainment with dancers, singers, and performers in their flamboyant costumes designed to dazzle guests–all overseen by the Cruise Director, leading the entertainment from a bridge over the Promenade. There will also be spectacular “mini-shows” with the LED sky.
• At the end of the Promenade there will be a versatile bar open 24-hours-a-day, serving coffee, cappuccinos, and fresh croissants in the morning, and a wide range of cocktails in the evening before transforming itself into a post-dinner ballroom. There will also be a band for guests to dance to, or simply enjoy the music throughout the evening.
• The multi-purpose media space on deck 7 will operate as the TV studio from which the Cruise Director will film the “Morning Show,” to be broadcast throughout the ship.
• The karaoke bar will also allow guests to order and purchase a copy of their performance as a unique souvenir of their vacation.
• The Super Amusement Park houses the latest in entertainment for all the family. Key features include:
o A multi-purpose, amusement arena with sea views that can be used for sports such as basketball, football and volleyball. The area can also work as a ballroom or an events space for both large and smaller groups
o The latest technology including two F1 Simulators, a 5D cinema, a Flight Simulator and fun arcade games
o A full-length bowling alley with a glass wall that provides views out to sea, as families compete against each other

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