Friday, July 8, 2016

Why Book A Suite?

While a suite on most cruise ships may simply be much larger in square footage and not have a separate bedroom, such as the one pictured here aboard MSC Orchestra, there are benefits to booking one. We agree with Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), that cruise lines have raised the bar when it comes to cabin suites, penthouses, and preferred guest services. From 24/7 butlers and private dining rooms to preferred embarking and disembarking privileges and Expansive balconies, living the suite life has gotten even sweeter for those who choose to book a cruise suite.

“Cruising offers a vacation option for every travel style and budget, but now there are even more opportunities to create differing experiences within the same cruise vacation,” said Cindy D’Aoust, president and CEO, CLIA. “New accommodation concepts offer the opportunity to host large social groups, create a multigenerational experience, or simply design a luxurious vacation complete with penthouse options and concierge service.”

Living the Suite Life
There are many benefits to upgrading to a suite on a cruise ship. In addition to generally being larger than staterooms, suites come with a variety of high-end options, premium finishes and passenger privileges. Examples include:
• Premium Services: Suite passengers are offered special VIP options. Some cruise lines offer expedited embarking and disembarking privileges, first class flights, and even private cars while at port.
• Exclusive Clubs, Dining and Fitness Facilities: When staying in a suite, cruise lines offer guests exclusive access areas, ranging from clubs and dining areas to spas and fitness facilities.
• In-Room Spa Treatments: Certain cruise lines offer suite guests unlimited lavish spa services onboard while others even offer in-room spa retreats.
• Special Suite Amenities: From walk-in closets, espresso machines, and whirlpool tubs to telescopes and pianos, cruise line suites offer a variety of above-and-beyond amenities for guests.
• High-End Décor and Designs: Suites have been designed with top-of-the-line finishes and details ranging from designer linens and décor to marble and mahogany furnishings.
• Personal Butlers and Suite Stewards: Suite guests are often welcomed with personal butlers and suite stewards. This level of service offers guests valet service and help with any special requests.
• Complimentary Beverage Services: Booking a suite on some cruise lines opens the door to unlimited beverages and even include a personal mini bar.
“Staying in a larger, luxury suite or penthouse with upgraded amenities, while taking advantage of the ship’s other offerings including casinos, Broadway-style shows and exciting on-board activities, allows guests to enjoy a ‘ship within a ship’ experience,” said D’Aoust. “This truly takes booking a suite to an elevated level.”

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