Wednesday, August 10, 2016

On Trend—Layering with HALFTEE

Before the suitcases are packed for any cruise it can be a chore to decide what to put in them. Does your favorite outfit need a bit of help by "layering" to make it presentable? Like the image at left, I have garments that can use a tee or camisole underneath them—they are either too low cut for modesty or simply need a bit of updating.

With layering on trend, I've discovered the HALFTEE—a fashionable way to stretch my wardrobe without adding bulk. HALFTEE is just what it sounds like—a tee that covers what's exposed, but stops below the bust line and unlike other layering tops doesn't add the appearance of extra midriff weight.

On a Caribbean cruise there's also the temperature to consider when deciding what to wear. The HALFTEE is a combination of breathable cotton/modal/spandex blend fabric. With the signature "non-slip" band, it's a tank for unbeatable coverage you can't get anywhere else. It also features wider straps to cover undergarments. In fact, as I've discovered, a HALFTEE Tank can sometimes even replace a bra under some tops.

HALFTEE comes in a number of styles and colors, with or without sleeves, and I've found that the Tank pictured here is perfect for those times when you need a little coverage in the bust without the bulk of a full length camisole or tank top. It's so comfortable you will forget you're wearing it. I have a cute top I purchased several years ago and haven't worn because the neckline is so low scooped that it's too revealing. I didn't return it at the time and now I can look forward to actually wearing it with my HALFTEE Tank underneath.

Like all the Halftee styles, the Tank HALFTEE is reversible, providing the opportunity to have a higher or lower neckline, because its creator understands that everyone has different preferences and body types. Visit HALFTEE to find a solution to your wardrobe problem. I'm really happy that I did!

Images Courtesy of HALFTEE

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