Wednesday, March 29, 2017

New Luxury Suites Added During American Queen 2017 Lay-Up

Luxury Suite
American Queen Steamboat Company, operator of America’s most opulent and luxurious paddlewheel vessels, announces details of the Winter 2017 lay-up. Each year, the American Queen is scheduled for a “lay-up” period which consists of cleaning, repairs and updates to the boat. As this year marks the fifth season on the river, the American Queen was dry-docked for maintenance and inspection in Gretna, La where eight of her interior cabins were converted into four new Luxury Suites.

“Thanks to the addition of these new Luxury Suites, we look forward to being able to accommodate larger groups and families,” shares American Queen Steamboat Company President and COO Ted Sykes. “With upgrades and improvements, we are delighted to have 2017 underway in style.”

The off-season is actually quite bustling and a time of rapid change for the vessels. With a dedicated crew, the management teams organized a schedule, budget and list of priority items to accomplish during the lay-up such as cosmetic changes including the replacement of public area flooring throughout the guest hallways and dining room.

Lay-up repairs and improvements made to the American Queen include:
• Sand-sweeping and painting of the hull
• Conversion of eight cabins to four new Luxury Suites
• Bolidt Teak Decking on deck three from mid-ship to the Front Porch
• New tiles for all public restrooms and approximately 25 guest bathrooms
• Rebuilding of River Grill & Bar
• Completion of mahogany handrails on deck three
Offering the most inclusive river cruise experience in North America, nine-day sailings on the American Queen journeys include a one-night pre-voyage hotel stay, shore tours in all ports, complimentary wine and beer with dinner, and a host of other amenities. For additional information and reservations, visit

Image Courtesy American Queen Steamboat Company


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