Friday, December 7, 2007

Packing For A Cruise

Even though I travel a lot and use numerous "tricks" when filling suitcases, I must admit that I dread packing more than any other task.

While getting a rollaboard ready for my flight to London tomorrow, I'm suffering pangs of doubt. Do I really need this item or that one? Can I substitute a less bulky pashima for the shawl I planned to wear?

This is a short trip (see yesterday's entry for details about the Queen Victoria event I'm attending), so all I'm taking is a carry-on rollaboard and a small tote that contains necessities for the flight. For the return flight I'll have to put the tote and its contents inside the rollaboard until I actually board the plane because the UK only allows ONE carry-on. It's crunch time and the pashima gets to go, while my new shawl stays home. Darn! I'll need the space later, but at least I know the rules. I looked them up ahead of time. I'm prepared for the UK's one carry-on allowance.

One good thing about the carry-on regulation regarding liquids is that 3-ounce bottles of potions and lotions weigh a lot less than larger size containers. And I have to lift my rollaboard into the overhead compartment when I board my plane so I try to keep that in mind. If I can't lift it at home, it just won't fly.

Those "tricks" I mentioned above? You can use them too. Just check out the Packing section on when you're planning your next cruise!

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