Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Aloha, Pride of Hawaii

The newest of NCL America's Hawaii-based ships sailed yesterday from her Honolulu home port for the last time as Pride of Hawaii. Christened in May 2006, the cruise line announced last year that it would pull the ship from Hawaii service due to financial losses caused by weakness in its Hawaii operations fare pricing.

Presently on a "farewell" 5-day cruise to Los Angeles, Pride of Hawaii will enter wet dock upon arrival on Saturday. After the colorful Hawaiian-themed hull artwork is painted over she will be reflagged and renamed. Emerging as Norwegian Jade she is scheduled to leave Los Angeles Feb 16 on a 13-day Panama Canal cruise bound for Miami. From there, she sails to Barcelona, Spain, where a casino will be added before the ship enters service in Europe.

Pride of Aloha and Pride of America, NCL America's two other U.S.-flagged ships, will continue to operate inter-Hawaii cruises.

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