Friday, February 1, 2008

Carnival Imagination In Port: Nassau

The last day of our cruise vacation promises to be full of activity and we’re looking forward to fun ashore in Nassau as well as on board Carnival Imagination. Throughout the cruise there’s been a lot of keep everyone as busy as they want to be. There are children cruising with us but they’ve been nearly invisible—they’re having a great time in Camp Carnival and in the Water Works pool. Disney Wonder is berthed beside us today in Nassau and I can’t help but wonder if they are just a tinge envious… our water slide is bigger than their water slide.

With so many passengers ashore we’re taking the opportunity to chill out at the Lido Pool. The entire area has been re-built with new tile in the pool; thatched roofs that shade one of the two hot tubs, the pool bars and snack bar; and a covered stage where games have taken place this week. Stylized palm trees offer a tropical vibe that’s fresh and, frankly, fun.

Later there will be plenty of time to pack. We’re going to “self assist” in the morning so we don’t have to rush to put luggage in the passageway tonight. That means we won’t have to miss any of this evening’s show—Carnival Legends starring our fellow passengers. We’ve heard that some real talent has been tapped and it promises to be quite an event.

Watch for an in-depth “Evolutions of Fun” report and many more photos next week.

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