Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cruise Travel: Life On Board

Have you ever wondered what it's really like to be a cruise ship crew member? They work hard and are on duty for long hours. Yet, over the years I've read accounts of after-hours hard partying that often clouds what it's like to actually live below the public decks.

For a totally refreshing look into a young American crew member's life aboard NCL America's Pride of America, I'd like you to meet James, who is currently blogging from the ship. A native of Cleveland, Ohio, James has been a world traveler--and cruiser--since childhood. While he's only 20, he exhibits a maturity well beyond his years. James shares life on board, including what he and his crewmates do during their on- and off-duty time, as well as his future aspirations to grow with the cruise industry. In addition to writing the blog, which also includes photos, he also creates video blog entries and responds to readers' questions. I'd always wondered where they took the luggage that is collected on the last night of a cruise. Thanks to James, now I know.

Visit James' blog Life of a Cruise Ship Crew Member and get to know this engaging young crew member. Aloha!

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