Thursday, May 8, 2008

Carnival Rolls Out Web Site Redesign

Before he left the helm at the head of Carnival Cruise Lines, Bob Dickinson used to say that if you hadn't taken a Carnival cruise recently, then you hadn't really taken a Carnival cruise. That can now also be said about visiting Carnival's web site, which has emerged from an extensive redesign with a host of new features. Enhanced navigation and layout, a variety of images and content, and numerous technical advancements are all designed to make users’ online experience easier and more informative than ever.

Highlighting the next generation of are dozens of new videos and virtual tours, along with upgraded images and content showcasing all 22 of the line’s “Fun Ships.” Also included are upgrades to special sections focusing on various aspects of the Carnival vacation experience such as dining, spa, youth programs, destinations and shore excursions. These are so cool you can almost taste the food in the dining section. Well, actually you can taste some of it by using the recipes to make your favorites at home.

The “new and improved” has a strong focus on enhancing end-user support, with a more detailed FAQ section, an enhanced site search engine, and live feeds featuring Carnival news headlines on virtually every page. There’s also an updated section where first-time cruisers and visitors can sign up for Carnival news and information via both email and RSS feeds.

To satisfy everyone’s inner-geek, the site includes a number of technological advancements as well, with a higher site resolution that provides a better platform for multi-media components, greater compatibility across all Web browsers and optimized Web pages for visitors who access the site via hand-held phones and other communication devices. Take a look for yourself at

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