Friday, May 30, 2008

NCL Surprise: Five Lucky F3 Registrants Are Going to Vegas, Baby!

Last month Norwegian Cruise Line launched the third generation of their Freestyle ships, code-named the F3. In a milestone ceremony on April 24th, the first block of the keel, a double bottom block weighing 322 tons, was put into place marking the start of the overall construction of the ship.

You may be thinking, that was so last month, right? Yes, and no. Had you read's Cruise News, you'd have learned that, "More details about the F3 ships including other innovative accommodations, public spaces, dining, entertainment/nightlife, cutting-edge technology and casino will be announced leading up to the launch of the first F3 ship in 2010. For the latest updates on F3 with downloadable high-resolution images of the New Wave staterooms, visit" Stick with me here: most importantly, you'd have been able to click that link and register for updates from NCL.

As a surprise benefit, not only would you be receiving updates about the ship, you'd also have had a shot at being one of the five recipients of a free trip to Vegas, Baby! NCL announced yesterday that for its next big reveal of the company’s innovative F3 ships, the cruise line will whisk five lucky consumers to an exciting event in Las Vegas on June 17th where more details of the project will be announced. The consumers will be selected at random after having registered on NCL’s F3 web site prior to May 28th. Yes, sadly, that was two days ago and if you hadn't registered... no Vegas for you. How come you weren't warned? If it makes you feel better, I didn't even know about it.

“The interest in F3 is extremely high,” said Andy Stuart, executive vice president and chief product officer for NCL. “The tremendous response of initial registrations on, which launched less than a month ago, has been incredible. We decided to surprise and reward five people who were some of the first to express interest in our innovative, next generation ships and give them the opportunity to experience the next F3 reveal in person.”

The five consumers will join NCL executives, press (including Cruise Diva), and travel partners in Las Vegas for the big reveal on June 17. The trip includes airfare for two, a two-night stay at Caesar’s Palace, and an invitation to the exclusive event.

Oops. You didn't register so you didn't win? It's not too late and you can still get in on the action. As NCL continues to reveal aspects of the ships, registrants may be whisked away to other exciting locations for the unveiling of the next chapters. Get registered and we might meet up at the next reveal!

For info about the last big reveal, check out NCL Throws Us A Curve at

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