Wednesday, June 4, 2008

NCL: Pillow Me In Comfort

The top priority of most cruise vacationers is a restful time away from everyday stresses. To some, that means time spent basking in the sun or being pampered in the spa. To me, it means sleeping well and greeting every morning refreshed and relaxed. Unfortunately, that hasn't always been possible over the years. Too many cruise lines put little or no thought into their guests' beds.

All that changed in 1999 when Westin started a bedding revolution in hotels with the introduction of their Heavenly Bed. Cruise lines have joined the trend and Norwegian Cruise Line has embraced the concept with upgraded mattresses, memory foam mattress toppers, silky-soft linens, and cushy duvets and pillows in all staterooms. But book a suite or villa and prepare to sink into the luxe comfort of NCL's Bliss Collection. You'll find your bed has a comfy pillow-top mattress, down comforter, high-end linens, and a pillow menu with six choices. Test out a different pillow every day of your cruise:
  • Standard Feather: Plump, cozy, and filled with premium goose-down
  • Overfilled Firm: "Just right" for side sleepers who want ultra support
  • Climarelle: Stay cool with a super-scientific-body-temperature-regulating-pillow (perfect for those nights when we ladies experience our own personal summer)
  • Ultra Foam Deluxe Memory: The super soft contoured memory pillow that eliminates stiff neck and shoulders
  • Reading Wedge: A pure cotton pillow for relaxing, reading, or watching television in bed
  • Hypo-Allergenic: No feathers, no fibers, no dust means no congestion or sneezing

It's always amusing to see passengers (usually youngsters, but sometimes adults) cuddling their own personal pillows as they embark, but now you can leave them at home and choose from the options afforded on board. If you aren't in a suite or villa, don't be concerned--you'll find really nice pillows on your bed as well, and if you need an extra one, just ask your steward.


Karen said...

We just took a cruise on the Dawn and loved the pillows. They were Soft & Downy Comfort. Do you know where I could purchase some?

Linda Coffman, AKA Cruise Diva said...

Hi Karen,

I'm not sure where you could purchase those comfortable pillows. Unfortunately, NCL doesn't have them listed with the gifts that can be ordered online.

Best, Linda

Brooklyn Blood said...

Well, the best thing about the NCL cruise we took last week were the pillows. Unfortunately we cannot find who made them nor can we find where we could buy them. If Royal Caribbean used these pillows, that would be the uber-perfect cruise.

S. Roxann said...

Just returned from a 3-day on Sky. OMG the pillows are AMAZE-ZA-ZA-ZING!!

Rafael Karkason said...

If you are still interested in purchasing these pillows, you should check out They sell the pillows and several other items online.

Anonymous said...

sadly the company where you need to buy these pillows, the bliss collection are purchased through fibra usa, llc and the company is AWFUL. I am on my third shipping error for a queen DUVET cover. They have messed up my order and the company, FIBRA usa, llc is impossible to contact and or get a live person to talk to on the phone. They sent me sheets with no pillow cases (which i ordered), they sent me a TWIN duvet cover, when i ordered a QUEEN. it has been weeks now and Still no resolution. I was recently on a cruise and LOVED our sheets and pillows and all and wanted to order all for my home. Now i will not order anything from this company and that is sad because the product is great, its the customer service that SUCKS. Look up the reviews on this company FIBRA USA, LLC and you will see all the bad reviews. THE BLISS collection by Norwegian needs to be sold from a different distributor.

Muller Lukacs said...

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Mahesh said...

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Anonymous said...

Truth is the soflex pillows are never available online. Message has been the same for the past two freaking years: "out of stock"/
I did my own googling research and typed in Matersoll…. (My husband and I loved the mattress (actually two twin beds pushed together….I stripped the bed and looked). The company is located in Italy and I just sent a flattering letter asking if I could order the pillows directly from them. Next time we cruise NCL….forget about taking a striped towel as a souvenir….I have my eye on the prize! (enough said!)