Wednesday, June 18, 2008

NCL's F3 Cruises Into A Sea of Dreams

Last night NCL sailed into Las Vegas with a vision for the future of nightlife at sea. Along with the sizzle of Vegas and the beat of South Beach, F3 vessels—the next generation of freestyle cruise ships—will blow out the walls and reach for the sky with a line-up of new day-to-nightclubs.

“There is nothing ordinary about these ships. The F3s are unconventionally extraordinary,” said Colin Veitch, NCL president and CEO. To demonstrate the diversity of the experiences, we caught him chilling and chatting with a fur-clad Ice Queen poolside at Caesar’s Palace last night in Las Vegas (pictured here).

The F3 will feature a genuine Ice Bar—a cruise industry first—similar to the originals in Scandinavia. At 17 degrees Fahrenheit, the frozen chamber is lit in changing hues of blue, green, and purple LED simulating the Northern Lights. A giant ice cube creates a glowing centerpiece amid the bar, walls, tables, stools, sculptures, and even beverage glasses made of ice. Fur coats, gloves, and hats will keep 25 guests at a time warm as they sip icy chilled drinks (included in the cover charge).

There are other really cool spots on board that will share in the coming days.

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