Monday, October 27, 2008

Carnival Cruise Lines Kicks Off ‘Fun For All. All For Fun’ Campaign

With the introduction of a new branding campaign this month, Carnival Cruise Lines is reprising the concept of fun afloat with a new twist: ‘Fun For All. All For Fun.’ As suggested by the tagline, the campaign is designed to capture the unique essence of the Carnival vacation experience, which embodies spirited and spontaneous fun. We all remember Kathie Lee spontaneously bursting into song in the old ads, right? The new campaign, which will kick off with special events featuring Guinness World Record attempts in Dallas and Philadelphia is a bit quirkier.

The first event took place yesterday in Dallas and involved setting a Guinness record for the world’s largest beach ball. Actually, there were two 35-foot tall beach balls. Think approximately three stories high. Handled by scores of “extras,” the balls bounced along Dallas's downtown canyon-like streets and nearly took out a street light. (Photo above.) The second event, to take place in Philadelphia on Nov 2, will feature a Guinness attempt for the world’s largest piñata. Footage from both events will be used to create two TV spots, which will soon begin airing nationally, and eventually in select local markets as well.

The campaign also features a variety of online elements including Towel Animal Theatre, which involves a series of online videos that depict towel animals, a signature Carnival cruise feature, having amusing conversations with each other while the stateroom’s occupants are away. The videos capture the fun, whimsical kind of spirit that towel animals bring to the overall Carnival vacation experience. The videos will be available beginning Nov. 3 for viewing and downloading at The new “Funville” web portal will also feature a number of other video assets, along with interactive opportunities.

Video of the Dallas event:

World Record Breaking Beach Ball
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