Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Cruise Review With A Theme: Avoid Hurricanes And Cruise For Free

Austin and Joanne Kearney booked their Enchantment of the Seas cruise with scheduled stops to be Key West and Cozumel about two weeks before sailing. However, prior to departing for Ft. Lauderdale from Atlanta, Austin said, "all you had to do was watch a weather report, which tracked Hurricane Gustav and you knew this cruise was going elsewhere. If we headed to Cozumel as scheduled, it would have involved sailing through the category three hurricane, TWICE! Not recommended."

Despite the weather-related itinerary alterations, they had a great time and, while Austin didn't hit a big jackpot in the casino, he did manage to get a free cruise as well as avoid Hurricanes Gustav & Hanna. How did he do that? He explains it all in his Enchantment of the Seas cruise review available on CruiseDiva.com.

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