Monday, November 3, 2008

Carnival Cruise Lines Super Sizes "Fun" With A Piñata Block Party

Carnival Cruise Lines broke a Guinness Record for the world’s largest piñata during a Piñata Block Party event in Philadelphia on Sunday, Nov. 2. According to an onsite Guinness adjudicator, the giant mock donkey, which contained 8,000 pounds of candy, measured 60 feet, 4 inches long; 23 feet, 10.5 inches wide and 61 feet, 10.25 inches tall.

Designed to kick-off the cruise line’s new branding campaign as well as serve as the basis for an upcoming TV commercial, the event featured a variety of entertainment and activities, along with free food and giveaway items, including five 7-day Caribbean cruises from Baltimore on the Carnival Pride.

Unfortunately, the ultimate piñata smash and candy release—planned to have been accomplished with a wrecking ball—was postponed due to safety concerns. Philadelphia Police Department officials called a halt to the fun out of fear that the candy release might cause a stampede by the unexpectedly large number of attendees. The Daily Pennsylvanian reports that, "Though Philadelphians came out for a day of fun, some were upset when the breaking did not occur." While we understand their disappointment, we can't help but side with the official decision on this one. No amount of free candy is worth injury or worse.

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