Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Crystal Cruises Unleashes Your Inner Techie

Is your Garmin GPS unused in the glove box of your car? Your iPod® ignored and unloved in a drawer? You want to use these wonderful gadgets, but just can't get over the learning curve?

Help is on the way from Crystal Cruises. The cruise line that introduced classes to de-mystify the personal computer is giving even more technologies a big dose of individual attention. Crystal is rolling out a groundbreaking service —Technology Concierges on each of their ships to train and educate guests on their latest gadgets. From iPods® to iPhones™, from Blackberrys® to GPS devices, Technology Concierges can help guests fully understand the sometimes daunting features of popular devices they own or are considering for purchase. The complimentary service—a first in the cruise industry—begins through Crystal's educational, user-friendly ComputerUniversity@Sea aboard Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity in April and May, respectively.

The fully-trained Technology Concierges will enlighten guests on the newest trends and teach them finer nuances of today's most popular devices, such as:

-- Apple iPod nano®
-- Apple iPhone™
-- BlackBerry® Bold™
-- Kindle™ 2 wireless reading device
-- Palm Treo Pro™
-- Garmin® Colorado 400c (GPS) navigational device

To further enhance the service, Crystal's Bistros, the popular centrally-located cafes for complimentary cappuccinos and tasty bites, will carry the latest technology magazines for guests to peruse. Crystal's "Gadget Committee" plans to continually add new technology and update their in-house education to ensure the Technology Concierges remain current.

"For many, portable tech devices have become essential travel accessories, yet most people aren't familiar with half of their functions and capabilities," said Thomas Mazloum, senior vice president, hotel operations. "Whether one is too busy or simply less tech savvy, the Technology Concierges offer great opportunities to master one's gadgets with one-on-one assistance from an expert. And a vacation is a great time to explore something new."

For more information about Crystal Cruises, visit the line's website.

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